How to play Lords Mobile for newbies

Recently, publisher IGG has released a real-time strategy game Lords Mobile on both Android and iOS platforms. Over time, Taimienphi has accumulated some tips for playing Lords Mobile for newcomers.

For each new game, the initial playing strategy is extremely important, they can help you gain a lot of advantages in terms of resources, human resources … or development time. Below are instructions on how to play Lords Mobile for beginners.

how to play lords mobile for people

Tips to play Lords Mobile for newbies

Instructions to play Lords Mobile for newbies

1. Focus on completing main and side quests

The first thing Lords Mobile players need to pay attention to is to always complete all the main quests (lead quests or story missions), which gives you a lot of necessary resources and increased items. The speed of completion is very precious. In addition, you also level up faster with the number of EXP points the mission brings, expand the construction area, buildings or unlock other upgrades.

2. Focus on upgrading Research and Construction speed

Because Lords Mobile is an automatic combat strategy game, the way to play Lords Mobile must also be meticulous, especially the arrangement and research to upgrade soldiers is extremely important, each unit has its own Passive that Player can Update. That’s why readers need to quickly upgrade Research and Build speed to MAX to reduce army development time, launch time, new house construction time …. very useful.

how to play lords mobile for people

3. Always collect or capture resources

In addition, in how to play Lords Mobile, you must not forget that you have to collect or occupy resources on the map, this is a great way for you to increase the number of resources for yourself. Note that you do not need to send all your troops currently, just split into several teams to collect places at the same time.

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how to play lords mobile for people

4. Use gems to upgrade VIP

Every time you complete the main quest or participate in the in-game event at the end, you will receive purple gems, use them to buy Vip points to level up Vip to the highest possible. The higher the Vip level the more advantages you get, this is how to play Lords Mobile everyone should know, see the photo below for more details.

how to play lords mobile for people

How to play Lords Mobile most effectively
Like other super products, purple pearls are the main currency that players can only get through the form Lords Mobile game card recharge, use them to buy resources, buy VIP level up points …. weekly Lords Mobile launches a lot of very attractive purple gems.

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