How to play Kaeya Alberich – The Ice Swordsman in Genshin Impact

Kaeya Alberich is a free in-game ice-type swordsman Genshin Impact. Many players love this general and want to use him as the main DPS. So let’s today Funny game Find out how to play this interesting character wearing the eyepatch.

The Ice Sword Swordsman - Kaeya Alberich has very strong CC
The Ice Sword Swordsman – Kaeya Alberich has very strong CC

Popularity parameters of Kaeya Alberich at world level 7

  • Kaeya CM 0 lv 89
  • Holy relic: Physical DMG – Crit DMG
  • Weapons: Black sword
  • HP: 19k
  • Atk Index: 1478 (+ bonus 69% physical damage – purple is a bit leper)
  • Skill level: 8 – 6 – 7
  • Critical rate: 56%
  • Critical damage: 130%

Lineup to use for Kaeya DPS:


(Can be changed Venti by 1 different Support Support depending on the team, recommendations Xingqiu or Chongyun)

Overview of character Kaeya Alberich:

In spite of Kaeya The original basic ATK is quite low compared to the general average (223 at lv 90 – pretty far behind Keqing 323 is at level 90 good Qiqi 287 at level 90) but skill 1 of the Kaeya have % Damage (in Level 8 is 91.9% – 88% – 112% – 121% -151%So when you take physical damage, Kaeya can do a pretty large amount of DMG (under normal SP is Fischl, Kaeya Last hit is about 4k dmg). You can choose to just go to skill 1 to save resources no matter what.

With the Diona cause Ice effect and Fischl cause Lightning effect continuously reduces physical armor, Kaeya maybe a real guillotine. Moreover possesses an amount Defense stats – DEF Terrible and self-healing from endowed with a black sword go with Shield Diona, Kaeya can rush into beating each other in the “regardless of all” style (but with monsters or boss too big should avoid going to die at any time).

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When breaking through, Kaeya to% charged, so when Diona Cannot continuously cause the same physical armor reduction ice effect Fischl then Kaeya Q can also play by himself.

Diona is a very good support Kaeya When eating under the 2 ice team effect increases the crit stat, more Diona also has a shield, very important if the team doesn’t have one Qiqi.

Fischl Being a versatile support, almost any team can use it. The Lightning effect reduces physical armor very well and is great for ice formation.

Regarding the last place in the team, Venti Can both control monsters and cause diffusion. If you don’t have one Venti then you can think about Xingqiu when the Xingqiu cause Water effect continuous, combining Ice causes freeze – 1 powerful control effect and super bothersome and inhibitory effect.

About Chongyun – He has the ability to buff the attack speed in the area Silver mist 8% – then DPS for singles Your inherently high attack speed is even faster. Chongyun unpopular when all your damage is turned into damage Ice But with the new set of holy relics this buff’s Chongyun There will be very land to use martial arts.


The character is given free, although the ATK is not very high, but in return by a large% slash at Skill 1, when opening CM1, he increases his crit by 15%.

Weapons are easy to find (buy Pass is available), otherwise it can be changed to Flute Sword also very good. If you are too “poor” then Samples of lava Forging is fine too (Samples of lava Increased physical damage, combined, but not good-looking in return).

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Going with a “poor team” is very suitable Fischl Free from the event, Diona each appears in the banner of Childe So everyone has tried red and black for a character. The final position depends on the play style to choose from.


Not recommended for Coop with teammates using Diluc.

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