How to play Dai Hai in I am the old mandarin

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Dai Hai is one of the new activities of the game Ta La Quan Lao Gia version 2.9, of course, not everyone knows how to play. And to help you better understand this new activity, let’s join Taimienphi to learn how to play Dai Hai Hai in I am the old man through the following article.

Call me old mandarin – nice I am the old mandarin As the best strategy game on Android and iOS today, recently NPH 100D has continuously added more activities for players to participate in the race to receive the competition of Kings and Emperors. Players after getting tickets Dai Hai’s message Everyone can join Dai Hai in I am the old mandarin.

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Instructions for playing Dai Hai activities in I am Quan Lao Gia

Rules for playing Dai Hai in I am the old mandarin

Alliance Activitiesthe player owns Dai Hai’s message can participate in Dai Hai activities in the TLQLG.
– During the operation period, every day from 10:00 to 22:00.
– Player purchaseGo Transactions across members another street to make more money.
– First time in operation, get the initial capital amount based on the Player’s Rank and Title. The higher the Rank and Title, the higher the initial capital.
– Time refresh city ​​goods is every 4.5 hours.
– KNB can be used to increase the default movement speed of boats and items Windy Sail only effective immediately.
– Use Tax Exemption Order and Order of Collection to attack other people not from the Alliance, when successful can receive Capital or Goods the person attacked.

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How to play Dai Hai in I am the old mandarin

Step 1: You enter the event Dai Hai (number 1) receive Initial Capital (number 2) and click on the . icon Boat letter I.

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Step 2: Next you use Natural needle protection to Boat Level Up (depending on the amount of gold and the player’s needs when leveling up).
– Boat level up:
+ Increases movement speed, the chance of being robbed will also be lower. Up to level 10
+ The higher the level, the more KNB will be lost.
+ Default Level 0 is 180 minutes and 90% robbed, Level 10 is 120 minutes of movement and a 30 % robbed rate.

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Step 3: Back to the interface Dai HaiFriend Transaction with citadel street where your boat is standing, is docking. Each castle has specialties and they will be much cheaper than other items. For example, Warsaw below is Do Ngoc.

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Step 4: Here you Purchase Cheap (being deducted) to move to another city to sell for a profit.
– The cells Green Tich is a product with a strong decrease (buying and selling with high profit potential)
– The cells Tick ​​Red is a rising commodity (trading at high risk of loss)

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Step 5: Move to City other, in Transaction choose card Sellsell items that you see Profit (green tick), do not sell items sold at a loss (red tick).
– Selling Wood: Profit 4.30%
– Sell Pearl: 2.15% profit
– If selling Watermelon: You have a 3.19% error

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Tips for playing Dai Hai in I’m an old man with high scores

– Need to level up the boat to max, about 2h to move (cost 2k gold, last the event)
– Buy specialties or cheap items, move to another city with higher buying index and sell. In general, you buy the right things to buy, sell the right things to sell in the city with the best trading indicators.
– Play in a League team, often ask which city the items you bought can be sold for the highest price (highest profit) before moving.
– Once every 2 hours to trade and move to another city.
– Do not let the time delay, the boat stands still for too long without moving.

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Above is the entire guide to playing Dai Hai in I am the old mandarin, the latest “trading” activity is calculated according to the League, although the reward is not high, but you should also actively participate in trading, if forget about you please play I Am Old Man on PC can be monitored more often.

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