Post a Facebook status with a sticker, write a status with a sticker

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Posting Facebook stickers on the status line is a new feature that has just been released on the iOS version by Facebook. Readers can download Facebook as well as refer to the content in this article of to post interesting status lines on Facebook.

Social network Facebook is constantly developing new features to serve users and entice users to sign up for Facebook more this year. Beyond features play live video on Facebook already available on iPhone and Android, or create avatars with videos, users recently also received a new feature that allows posting stickers on the status line.

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Instructions to post Facebook status with stickers, write status with stickers, post facebook stickers

Previously, stickers often only appeared on comments or Messenger messages to create fun animations and further illustrate the story. However, with the support of posting facebook stickers on the status line will be an effective way to make the shared story more attractive.

Of course, to be able to join Facebook and chat and share interesting stickers with friends, you need to register for Facebook to create a personal account. Next, Facebook login operations and how to access Facebook (if unfortunately blocked) are quite simple, so you can do it yourself or follow the instructions of

Facebook is currently only launching this feature on the iOS mobile platform with iPhone and iPad devices, but it may soon launch this feature Facebook web version. To better experience this feature with Facebook in the browser, you can use two of the browsers that provide a pretty good experience like Google Chrome or CocCoc.

Note, this feature is currently only available for the iOS platform and users need to set the language to English to download the sticker.

How to post a Facebook status with a sticker, write a status with a sticker

Depending on the device you are using, you can download Facebook for:

– Download Facebook for Android: Facebook for Android
– Download Facebook for iPhone iPad: Facebook for iPhone
– Download Facebook for Windows Phone: Facebook for Windows Phone

– Download Facebook for Android devices with weak configuration: Facebook Lite

First you need to change the default language on iPhone and iPad and download/update Facebook to the latest version.

Step 1: Login Facebook -> Access Settings (Settings) on iPhone/iPad ->General (Common) ->Languages ​​and Regions (Language and Region) ->iPhone Languages -> Select English in the list of supported languages.

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Wait a moment for iPhone to reset to the system language. Note, after resetting the language, the Facebook application may update again to change according to the system.

Step 2: Go to the Facebook app. At this time, the Facebook language has been changed to the default language of the device. You do not need to change change Facebook language to English in the settings section.

Step 3: Post status through posts on News Feed or profile.

You press select Feeling/Activity to choose to post emotions or scenes.

How to decorate the page with stickers on facebook

Instructions for posting Facebook stickers on the timeline

Step 4: New feature Sticker appears right in the middle. Here, you can choose any of your favorite stickers according to Facebook’s pre-arranged items such as Happy, Sad, etc. See more instructions on how to use love, haha, wow, sad, angry icons on Facebook.

In addition, if you remember the sticker name, you can also find it through the search bar above.

Huong Dan is pregnant with stickers on facebook

How to post stickers on facebook timeline

Step 5: Continue to enter text, privacy, location, post for status if desired. Click Post to post the status line to Facebook.


Post Facebook status with Sticker

With animated stickers, all status lines when posted will be unaffected.

In addition, you can also refer to instructions on how to play live videos on Facebook if you want to use this equally great feature on Facebook. Video streaming is now available on both iOS, Android and web platforms. With the web-based interface, you need to use a browser that supports HTML5 or Flash like CocCoc or Chrome.

Currently, on Facebook, League of Legends followers will also be able to experience League of Legends stickers right on the Facebook chat window. use stickers lol It’s quite simple, you just need to choose in the sticker booth of facebook and you’re done.

For those who hate sticker icons, you can completely hide these stickers if you want, article hide facebook stickers has been introduced in detail, please refer and follow
If you often watch videos on Facebook and come across good videos, immediately use how to download Facebook videos to store those videos on your computer for later viewing, there are many ways to download facebook videos with software as well as use tips

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