The secret to conquer the game Zombie Tsunami

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Still a very hot Zombie topic, but Zombie Tsunami is not the same and absolutely not creepy, bloody and violent zombies like Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising, but those are Tiny zombie, with a cute face and not scary at all.

With 9 famous landmarks in the world and more than 300 different levels for players to experience, Zombie Tsunami is the number one choice of smartphone users for moments of relaxation and relaxation.

Tips to play the most effective game Zombie Tsunami

Same line with games like Temple Run good Subway SurfersBut it won the hearts and created a fever among young people who are using smartphones, Zombie Tsunami makes a complete difference from the style of play, game content to the image in the game.

The secret to conquer the game Zombie Tsunami

1. Get acquainted with the means of transport

Beginners, there will be only Only 1 uncle ZombieHowever, during the game, over time, players will gather for themselves “Zombie army”. And when traveling on the highway, players will encounter a few cars, tanks, or even machines that crash now, lying on the road. Each of these vehicles will need one Different numbers of zombies to “destroy” (overthrowing), and each time like that, the Zombie army will also be increased in proportion to the number of “people” inside.


  • Small car overthrow: Need 4 Zombies, earn 1 brain.
  • Topple the bus: Need 8 Zombies, earn 2 brains.
  • Topple the tank: Need 12 Zombies, earn 3 brains.
  • Aircraft overthrow: Need 16 Zombies, earn 4 brains.

The secret to conquer the game Zombie Tsunami

2. Try to start the game with 4 Zombies

With each Market upgrades, you will see a connection appear, and after each qualified upgrade like this, the player will have one more Zombie in the starting army. From 1, to 2, 3, then up to 4. This is not too much number, but enough for players to start the game without having to regret when forced to ignore small cars because There are only 2, or 3 Zombies. With 4 Zombies starting when the game starts, players will have the best chance of raising their “brain” and numbering up to the maximum.

The secret to conquer the game Zombie Tsunami

3. Take advantage of the opportunity with packages “Civilians”

“Civilians” is a pack of civilians is added as soon as the game is started. With this package, it is possible that players can still start with 3, 4, or even more Zombie numbers in the squad, although they have not been fully upgraded. Using from the beginning will help players earn more numbers, and if possible, buy more than one pack, because this is also a fairly effective way to complete the task in the game.

The secret to conquer the game Zombie Tsunami

4. Selling lucky scratch cards

When playing, with each brain that the player earns, the machine will save, so that when it is finished, the number of brains in that level will synthesized and the other screens in a pivot table look like one the drawer includes 100 cells. When all 100 of these squares are filled, the player will be assigned one Lucky scratch cards, with the reward of unique, beautiful wallpapers, or a little bit of money.

The secret to conquer the game Zombie Tsunami

However, the advice here is, the player should not use (scratch) these cards, but should instead sell them to earn a better item, and save for other purchases. , louder, more important.

The secret to conquer the game Zombie Tsunami

5. Watch out for danger signs on highways

The main space of the game is played out mostly on streets, highways, There are places where the road is cracked, broken, creating deep ravines, extremely dangerous, forcing players to be quick and careful. But the flat and a bit firmer roads aren’t much safer. They are fraught with helicopters, evacuation cars, and if the player is not paying attention. Warning signs (flashing exclamation point) very likely it will happen collision with these means, from work Fades each zombie for one collision, until there is only one Zombie left, the player’s “Game over” ability is entirely possible.

The secret to conquer the game Zombie Tsunami

6. Recognize and make the most of when used to transform

This is a special feature and extremely interesting, so to speak This feature has made the difference of Zombie Tsunami compared to other games of the same genre, and also itself attracts hundreds of thousands of players at all different ages. If anyone has not played, and is still not sure, then during the game Zombie Tsunami, players will have the opportunity to use question mark boxes. This is a special gift box, capable of helping, turn ordinary Zombies into an army “invincible”, or an extremely interesting object. Gift box includes ability:

  • Turn zombies into Ninja in legend, into the Golden Zombie, or allowing the Zombie the ability to transform into dragon, Giant Zombie or these Quarterback. Each type has different features to help players score as many points as possible.
  • Each transform feature has its own advantages, but perhaps, interesting and most notably “Tsunami tsunami” and “UFO”. One that allows users to overcome all obstacles, from bombs, crevices, planes, and can eat all the money, the people on the road it swept through. While, UFOs, allowing the user to spawn more numbers on their own (even without eating), and even, even if it falls off a cliff, there are no zombies left, the UFO (when in effect) will allow the player to continue playing, and it will continue to spawn Zombie like the original.

The secret to conquer the game Zombie TsunamiGolden Zombie – Turns everything you touch into gold

The secret to conquer the game Zombie TsunamiGiant Zombie – Destroy everything along the way

7. Jump properly away

Over time, the longer you play, the more difficult the challenge will be. More obstacles, intertwining, more dangerous, deep pools, and more indented fissures. When the player pure dance, it was just one shot “lightweight tab” on the screen. However, given the distances between the two brinks, or a long row of bombs, just jumping is not enough, it must be one. Long jump, at the right time. For sure to pass, players need to timed when the footsteps of the Zombie army came to the brink, Click on the screen and hold at that point until they are all over the other shore.

The secret to conquer the game Zombie Tsunami

However, when transforming, this dance method is also a little different, because if you turn into a Golden Zombie or a Quarterback, the player’s Zombie will be quite heavy, need to keep jumping for longer. If it’s Ninja or dragons, of course, don’t worry, because they can perform double jumps even while in the air, or can hover in the sky.

The secret to conquer the game Zombie TsunamiNinja Zombie can double jump while in the air

8. Pay attention when transforming

With Balloon, Tsunami tsunami or dragon variations, players need to pay attention to finger control to be able to achieve the best results in the game. Specifically:

  • With Ballon: Zombies will be completely suspended in the air during the transformation, so that they can “swoop” to the ground (doing quests, eating people, or earning gold …) yes touch and hold your finger on the lower part of the screen flying position.
  • With Dragon: Can be both on the ground and in flight. Players if desired Fly up, then touch the upper part of the screen than. However, it will not keep the altitude forever, but will gradually lower, you need to touch the height of your choice to adjust.
  • Tsunami tsunami: This is the transformation strong, speed and “high”. As the name suggests, it will sweep everything along the way, no matter whether a car, a bomb or an abyss, all will be overtaken. However, one tip With this variant, that’s what players need touch the screen repeatedly For Tsunami to keep the maximum height, make sure not to miss the gold coin or accidentally collide with the plane.

The secret to conquer the game Zombie Tsunami

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Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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