How to play Boom Beach on the computer?

Cach cai dat va choi Boom Beach tren may tinh - Emergenceingame

Although born after the Hay Days or Clash of Clans, Boom Beach also quickly gained a relatively large and regular player base. This is a pretty attractive strategy game with beautiful graphics, however, it also has a big downside, that is, the “battery drain” is extremely terrible.

It is also for this reason that many Boom Beach enthusiasts have sought to install and switch to play this game on another device that is safer and less damaging. The following article will guide you How to install and play Boom Beach on the computer.

Instructions to install and play Boom Beach on the computer

To do this, you first need to have Android emulator software. The best and most popular tool today is BlueStacks. Can you come in to download and install this emulator on your computer.

Step 1: After successfully installing BlueStacks, you open up and Click on the Play Store icon.

Click on Play Store

Step 2: Enter in the search box Keyword game Boom Beach and click on the corresponding results shown below.

Search game

Step 3: Click Install to start downloading Boom Beach game to your device.

Install game Boom Beach

Choose Accept To confirm.

Confirm installation

Since the game is quite heavy, you should consider, and should only use Wifi to download. Select to Proceed.

Click Proceed

Step 4: Select Next Open to run the game after a successful download.

open to enter the game Boom Beach

Wait a moment for BlueStacks to load the game on your device.

Wait for the game to load

After about 1-2 minutes, we can play Boom Beach game on the computer.

Enter the game


After installing the game on your computer, you can rest assured that you will not lose any data, accounts that have played on smartphones before. By syncing information on the phone with the computer, players will be able to continue using their old account.

From the main interface of the game on BlueStacks, you guys Click the Settings icon (serrated shape). Select item Account, later Next select Devices / Link a device.

Go to settings

Another interface opens, now you will need to use both accounts at the same time, specifically:

  • With Boom Beach account on your phone: You also enter this option, Click This is the Old Device to get the code.
  • Boom Beach account on computer: You choose the second item, This is the New Device.

After receiving the code on the phone, you guys enter it into Enter the link code here on the computer already click Okay To confirm. Wait a few minutes for the sync process to be completed and you can play Boom Beach on your computer completely normal.

Errors in the process of installing Boom Beach game on the computer

If an error occurs during the installation process (error due to BlueStacks), you can refer to the following articles to see if your error is in any case and find a way to fix it.

Reference articles:

In addition, with some errors are displayed such as:

  • Error “the applicotion failed to initialize property (0xc0000135)” : The main reason is because your computer is missing or NET.Fassis errors. Fix by download the latest NET.Fassis.
  • This application requires at least 2GB of physical memory error: Cause, the machine configuration does not meet the minimum requirements. Review machine configuration when installing BlueStack.

Enter the code from your phone

How to play Boom Beach on the computer

  • To enlarge the screen play, you press and hold the Ctrl key, then use the mouse scroll and scroll lightly, slowly. If scrolling too fast, the game screen may lag, freeze.
  • One point is a bit inconvenient when playing Boom Beach via computer, that is, every time (range 15 -20 minutes, or longer), BlueStacks will ask if you are sitting in front of the screen? If so, you must click Reload to continue playing.

Watch clip installation instructions and play Boom Beach by computer

With extremely detailed and specific instructions as above, Hope you will have more experience and understanding to be able to do it yourself Install and play the game Boom Beach with the computer.

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