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Hot Wheels was online racing game brings you to the most beautiful racing tracks and offers the best racing cars. If you are a speed enthusiast, experience the feeling of a real racer in fiery racing battles with other players around the world in Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels.

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The addition of a giant Hot Wheels to the Forza Horizon 3 scene makes for a different experience. The series of stylish cars and winding races will bring you a whole new challenge. If you are ready to face these challenges then pocket a few tips to complete the track more easily.

1. Speed ​​is everything

Usually, fast speed is not always the key to successful racing, as it needs to balance handling and driving techniques to get the best results.

Speed ​​is everything

In Hot Wheels, you don’t think about handling too much, but on speed. When choosing a race car, you need to pay attention to its acceleration and top speed. So when you click the speed booster on the map, you will benefit from this special thing. If your car is speeding 130 mph and the others can reach 160 mph then they will pass you and you will have to “breathe in dust”. So, do not worry too much about the angle but go as fast as possible.

2. Control the car in the middle of the track

A fun part of the Hot Wheels expansion is the provision of disorienting “frenetic” track arcs that require you to turn at high speed, perform jumps, tilt your car and other ways to escape. get away from dangerous roads quickly and safely.

Control the car in the middle of the track

The two sides of the track in Hot Wheels are either completely open or have extremely small edges. If other drivers force you to the edge of the track, you will be overturned in the air.

A good tactic is to always drive in the middle of the road and it also helps you maintain a fast and consistent speed through arcs and inclines. Besides, try not to look around too much, otherwise you will lose focus.

3. Speed ​​boost – Accelerate the speed

Speeding up is great but at the same time it can be your worst nightmare. If you move too much at high speed be prepared to welcome a major accident and lose your current racing position.

Speed ​​boost - Accelerate the speed

You can try and use it to “shoot” your car over a certain opponent, but don’t forget they can do it too. Try to keep your car straight and fixed until the end of the blur and you will have a better downhill result.

4. Not just racing

The progression method in Hot Wheels requires the player to collect medals to complete challenges. If you’re struggling to win the race and collect all three medals, try focusing on some of the other things as well.

Not just racing

Speed ​​traps, drift zones, speed zones, bucket lists and danger signs are all included in Hot Wheels and are similar to the model of the background game. During the racing journey, the drivers will earn and collect coins to refuel, upgrade the car and continue to fight to win on all roads.

Hot Wheels has always been one of the most attractive racing games with beautifully designed, impressive graphics, giving players an unforgettable experience. Download, explore and conquer all the tracks in this great game.

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