How to play Among Us with your friends

Cách chơi Among Us cùng bạn bè

How to make friends on Among Us How to play the game together? If you do not know, let’s find out how to play Among Us with your friends Please!

How to play Among Us with your friends

Among Us is really a bright “star” in the game world in 2020. With gameplay that challenges the friendship of trust and betrayal, Among Us has quickly attracted many players around the world. In this playground, you cannot go alone. You need to find support teammates to be able to complete the task and not be “kicked” out of the game too soon.

How to invite you in Among Us not difficult. Ideally, you should invite your best friend to play or join a group with passionate Among Us on Facebook, Discord. The following article will guide you how to play Among Us with your friends.

However, remember that Among Us’s game rules can break friendship if the whole group does not trust each other enough and it is too important to win or lose. So, consider when you invite your best friend to play Among Us.

How to invite you in Among Us

How to play Among Us with your friends

How to play Among Us with your friends online

1. On the main menu, click Online and Create Game

First, the host (Host) needs to create a game for other players to join.

Choose the room to play Among Us

Next Online, then click Create Game on the Host section.

Create a game in Among Us

Also, you need to choose a server in the bottom right. You can choose between North America – North America, Asia – Asia and Europe – Europe. All at the same server will help experience the game Among Us smoother and avoid network errors occurring.

2. Select a map and customize the game settings Among Us

On the next screen, the room owner chooses the game map, the number of impostors, the language of conversation and the maximum number of players in one room to play Among Us.

Select the game map Among Us

The room owner can still change these settings while in the lobby.

3. Share room codes with friends

After creating a room, you will see a 4-letter code at the bottom of the screen. Copy this code and share it with your friends.

Code to enter the game room Among Us

4. Other Among Us players can now join the game room you created by entering a code

To enter a room Among Us game, players must go to Online, click Enter Code and enter the shared 4-letter room code. After successfully entering the code, you will be in the lobby with other players.

Enter the code into the private Among Us game room

Occasionally, the game servers are a bit unstable. At this point, you just need to be patient and reload the game Among Us. If many people have trouble entering the room you created, try letting someone else own the game.

Now you can start playing game Among Us if there are at least 4 people in the lobby.

5. Set up a public room for all players to join

If more players are needed, you can set a luxury room display Public so that anyone on the server can join the game with you. Just click the button private on the bottom left to switch Public.

Switch the game room Among Us to public

When it shows the green button attached PublicOther players will see your room in Public> Find Game.

Is it possible to play Among Us cross-platform?

Have! Among Us supports cross-platform play both online and local, so Among Us mobile players can experience simultaneously with PC players using the same method above.

How to play Among Us with your friends

If you want playing the game Among Us With friends, all must use the same WiFi network. Then came Local in the main menu.

The room owner has to create a game, and then someone else will join one of the games Available Games on the screen.

How to make friends on Among Us

Can’t play Among Us with many people?

You have a number of ways to fix the error that you can not play Among Us with many friends. First, make sure you entered the correct code if you’re trying to join a friend’s game. In addition, you need to make sure that you are using the same Internet as your friends when you want to enter the local multiplayer mode (Local). If you get a Game Not Found error message, try a game created by someone else.

In addition, some server Among Us errors may also appear when there are too many people accessing at the same time, preventing you from entering a multi-player Among Us game. So, follow InnerSloth’s social media accounts to update the latest information and fixes.

The above is guide to play Among Us with friends. Hope the article is useful to you!

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