Fishing guide in Genshin Impact: Fishing position & time to fish

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Fishing system in Genshin Impact is an interesting highlight in update 2.1. Here’s everything you need to know about how to fish in Genshin Impact.

Fishing in Genshin Impact

How to fish in Genshin Impact

How to unlock the fishing system in Genshin Impact

The fishing system can only be unlocked after reaching Adventure Rank – Adventure Rank 30. Additionally, you must complete the world quest Exploding Population – Massive fish and make sure the system is unlocked. built a house in the Tran Ca Kettle.

Besides, Genshin Impact also added NPC Nantuck – the seller of fishing rods and designer. You can find him near the seaport outside the city of Mondstadt. Players need to use fish caught in exchange for the above items. The lure design can be used in Crafting Bench in the Tran Ca Kettle world or within 3 cities.

Aquarium in Genshin Impact

You can find other fishmongers to buy supplies. For example, Kyjirai Momiji outside Inazuma city sells Sake pot crafting ingredients, “The Catch” brand, and fishing rods. Jiawei in Liyue Port sells fishing rods and Sapphire Grace Lake to raise fish in your Tran Ca Kettle world.

Sapphire Grace Lake in Tran Ca Kettle

How to catch fish in Genshin Impact

Various fish species have been added to the many fishing spots in the 3 areas in Genshin Impact. Each species is attracted to its own bait patterns. This is an extremely important factor that you need to pay attention to when catching fish. Here are the step by step details how to catch fish in Genshin Impact:

1. Craft bait in Crafting Bench.

2. Go to fishing spots.

3. Choose the rod and bait to catch the fish you want.

Preparing to fish in Genshin Impact

4. Hold the Cast Rod button – Release the rod to enter position aiming mode and release the button to cast the bait. Don’t throw the bait too far from the fish you want to catch.

Drop fishing lures in Genshin Impact

5. When the fish bites the bait, press the Raise Hook button – Pull the lever. Otherwise, the fish will eat all your bait.

The fish that took a bite in Genshin Impact

6. After pulling the rod, the fish will struggle. Hold & release the Fish button to adjust the line tension of the fishing rod. Ideally, you should set it to the ideal yellow level to increase fishing progress. If that tension cannot be maintained and the progress returns to 0, the fish will escape.

Adjusting fishing rod tension in Genshin Impact

7. After the fishing progress bar is full, you have successfully fished.

Fishing position and recovery time in Genshin Impact

Knowing the fishing spots in Mondstadt, Inazuma and Liyue is extremely important. You can use the interactive map to locate all the fish in Genshin Impact. Go to the interactive map, then select the fish you want to catch. Then, pin the places on the minimap and go there.

The game Genshin Impact does not provide an accurate fish cooldown. However, many players say that the refresh cycle for each fishing spot is about 3 days.

Fishing location in Genshin Impact

In short, every 3 days, you can fish in the water areas in Genshin Impact in the 3 regions mentioned above. Above is how to fish in Genshin Impact. Hope the article is useful to you.

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