How to pet cats in Adorable Home to get more hearts

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Stroking cats in Adorable Home is also a way to help you collect more hearts, but the “kings” in the game are quite difficult to please and “cheerful”, if you swipe incorrectly, you will not receive any hearts from These cats and must be stroked is from the beginning, so how to stroke cats in Adorable Home properly? The answer will be shortly.

Most of the cats in Adorable Home They love to be caressed by their owners on many different points on the body. However, up to this point in the game there are 12 cats and each “Boss” will have different personalities and there are cats that only like to touch 1 point on the body. If you are new to Adorable Home and find it difficult to pet these cats, please refer to the tips below to do it.

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Instructions for petting cats in Adorable Home properly

How to pet a cat in Adorable Home

To pet a cat in Adorable Home, you will choose any cat lying in the room by clicking on it.

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Next you choose Stroke Cat

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As shared above, the cats in Adorable Home only like their owners to touch only one area of ​​their body. Means if you have swipe at the clone but receive the heart, when the cat rotates in other positions you continue to touch the body will continue to receive the heart, if you choose the c position such as legs, thighs, tail…you will not receive it.

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cute home in adorable home

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A pose that helps you easily earn hearts from these “His Majesty” is the pose Lay up raise 4 legs. The cats in Adorable Home quite like their owners touching the cushions on the soles of their paws. However, you will not always get hearts easily from this method because it only happens at certain times of the day.

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One more share that you need to note is that some cats in Adorable Home are quite good I hate touching my head . When you swipe on the head, you will immediately receive 1 lightning, and if you receive 3 lightning you will have to stroke again from the beginning.

After you have received hearts from petting cats in Adorable Home, you will have to wait another 2 hours before you can pet them again.

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You can download the latest version of the game to your phone by following the link below.

– Download Adorable Home for Android
– Download Adorable Home for iPhone
– Download Adorable Home apk
Above are the sharing of to you about how to pet cats in Adorable Home. In addition, you can refer to How to take care of cats Adorable Home most effective here.

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