How to change wifi name TPlink Viettel

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With only 2 steps, you can rename your home wifi TPlink Viettel quickly and easily, This way will help you increase the security of your wifi, prevent strangers from using it, and at the same time ensure the best network connection.

How to do this helps you:
– Have an address to enter wifi
– Know the password, account
– Change wifi name easily

To rename WiFi, you first need a smooth browser to access the configuration. You can choose Google Chrome or Firefox to do this job. After opening Google Chrome or Firefox on your computer, enter the Router access address and enter your account and password to enter the modem configuration.

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Instructions to change wifi name Tp-link viettel

In addition to renaming WiFi, users should also know how to change WiFi password TP-Link Viettel. Change Viettel WiFi password help you protect your WiFi, avoid being accessed by others too much, leading to weak and slow network. This article we will guide you how to rename WiFi TP-Link Viettel.

How to change wifi name TP-link Viettel

Step 1: Enter the address: to access modem configuration.

Continue to enter the password and account:

Account download: Admin

Password: Admin

Then press OK to access WiFi profiles.

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Step 2: Next choose Wireless —>Wireless Settings. In the Wireless Network Name Enter the WiFi name you want to change. India Save to save.

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If you want to change the WiFi password, choose Wireless Security and enter the password in the Wireless Password.

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Just now is a detailed guide on how to rename WiFi TP-Link Viettel. Along with that is a way to change the WiFi password so that users can customize their WiFi easily.

In addition, if you want to change the WiFi name of TP link Tenda or Huawei VNPT series, we also have instructions. The ways to rename WiFi TP link Tenda or Huawei VNPT do not make much difference to users. You just need to know how to rename TP-link Viettel wifi to be able to do the same on other modems.
Currently, many wifi network hacking technologies have emerged, causing many users to worry about the safety and security of wifi network information. To prevent this possible danger, you can refer to the manual anti hack wifi modem fpt vnpt, tenda,… was introduced by in the previous article.

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