How to make friends in Garena Free Fire

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In order to have an interesting game experience when playing with friends, the publisher of the game Free Fire has launched a friend-making feature in the game. With this feature, players can search for friends, make friends and invite players to join their squad to fight together. Here is an article on how to make friends in the game Free Fire 2020.

Instead of fighting alone on the battlefield of life and death, you can invite more friends to work together to win the top 1 in the game Free Fire. If you don’t know how to make friends, follow the steps below.

how to log in garena free fire

How to make friends in Garena Free Fire

Instructions on how to make friends in Free Fire 2020

Step 1: Open the game Garena Free Fire on your mobile device or computer (in this article, I used it on a computer with Gameloop setup). Click on the game Free Fire is a choice Play.

Playing Free Fire on your computer helps you have a better experience, work faster and also save battery on your phone.

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how to log in free fire 2020

Step 2: At the main screen interface of the game, click humanoid icon with plus sign in the feature column on the right in the game.

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Step 3: The interface to add you appears.

How to find you and set you up on free fire bang id

Step 4: Here, the system will automatically suggest a series of random players for you to choose to send friend requests. Click sign + to the right of their nameplate to send a friend request, or click the spinning arrow to refresh the friend suggestion.

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Step 5: If you want to directly search for the friends you want to make friends with. Click in the black search box at the top and type the name or account ID of the person you want to find.

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Step 6: Click search, if exactly the friend’s name or ID to search, that friend will appear, press sign + right side to send friend request. Now just wait for your friend to confirm that you can contact each other right in the game.

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After making friends, you can invite each other to play the game more easily and can chat and chat directly right in the game without having to exit other applications. Wish you have hours of fun playing games with your friends. In addition, if you want to have more friends, please refer to tips for making friends in Free Fire here.
If you use the Android Gameloop emulator to play Free Fire, you need to update Free Fire to the latest version first to be able to participate in the game.

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