How to make food in the game Minecraft

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In the game Minecraft, food is a very important factor to help you survive in the game, food to help players restore health as well as energy. However, during the game, you only find raw foods that have not been processed, so you need to know the recipe for food to be able to play the game easily.

Join the Minecraft game, you will be free to create, build your own world. All can be made up of magic squares, isn’t it wonderful? So today, will list the recipes of 13 foods below, invite you to join us to conquer this very attractive Minecraft game.

Recipe for making food in the game Minecraft

1. Bowl / Bowl

The bowl is used to store the mushroom soup and to milk the cows and mushrooms, you can get the bowl back when you finish the soup. You can stack many bowls on top of each other, the main material to make the bowl is plank wood.

Formula for making bowls and bowls:

How to make food in the game Minecraft
3 wooden planks

Video tutorial for making bowl:

2. Mushroom stew

Mushroom soup is effective in restoring 3 food bars. The main ingredients for making mushroom soup are red mushrooms, brown mushrooms and a bowl, this bowl can be reused.

Recipe for making mushroom soup:

How to make food in the game Minecraft

  • 1 bowl.
  • 1 red mushroom.
  • 1 brown mushroom.

Video instructions to make mushroom soup:

3. Bread

Bread is a food that players can eat to restore energy, can restore 3 food bars when eating bread. The main ingredient for bread processing is wheat, found in natural chests in hell, in mines and in villages or when exchanging with villagers. Farmers can exchange bread for emeralds. 3 or 4 sandwiches can be purchased with 1 emerald each.

Bread processing recipe:

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3 bundles of wheat

Video instructions for making bread and cream cake:

4. Sugar (Suger)

Sugar is used as a seasoning in pumpkin cake, cream cake and speed pills. The raw material to make sugar is sugar cane.

Sugar manufacturing formula:

How to make food in the game Minecraft
1 bunch of cane

Video instructions for making sugar:

5. Cake

Cream cake used to restore the food bar, each time you eat a cake will restore 1 food bar, can be used 6 times in a row to restore 6 food bars. The raw materials for processing cream cakes are wheat, sugar, eggs, and milk. The milk bucket will be returned after processing.

Recipe for making cream cake:

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  • 3 wheat.
  • 2 way.
  • 1 egg.
  • 3 milk.

6. Cookies

Biscuits restore health after eating, each cookie will restore 1 bar of food. Raw materials for processing biscuits are wheat and cocoa beans.

Recipe for processing biscuits:

How to make food in the game Minecraft

  • 2 wheat.
  • 1 cocoa bean.

Video instructions for processing biscuits:

7. Golden apple

Yellow apple helps restore health when eaten, each time eating 1 golden apple will restore 2 food bars and temporarily restore blood. Can be eaten even when the hunger bar is full.

Recipe for gold apple production:

Che tao thuc an 9 - Emergenceingame

  • 8 gold bars.
  • 1 apple.

Video instructions for making golden apples:

8. Enchanted Golden Apple

The enchanted yellow apple restores 2 food bars and restores the player’s health within 30 seconds. Not only that, but also gives the player 5 minutes of fire resistance, which can be eaten even when the hunger bar is full. The raw materials for making are gold and apple.

The recipe for apples is enchanted:

How to make food in the game Minecraft

  • 8 gold blocks.
  • 1 apple.

Video instructions for making apples are allowed:

9. Melon seeds

Melon seeds are used to grow, to have melon seeds, you get from watermelon pieces. After each planting you will get 1 watermelon in block form including 9 pieces of watermelon.

Recipe for watermelon production:

How to make food in the game Minecraft
1 watermelon

Video instructions for making watermelon:

10. Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds can be grown, producing one pumpkin after each harvest. 1 piece of pumpkin will get 4 seeds.

How to make food in the game Minecraft

Video instructions for making pumpkin seeds:

11. Pumpkin pie

Pumpkin cake is used to restore energy, each pumpkin pie will help restore 4 food bars. The main ingredients for processing pumpkin cakes are pumpkin, sugar, and eggs.

Recipe for pumpkin cake processing:

How to make food in the game Minecraft

  • 1 pumpkin.
  • 1 way.
  • 1 egg.

Video tutorial on making pumpkin pie:

12. Straw (Hay Bale)

The straw bundles can be used as decorations or horse food. To get a bunch of straw we need 9 wheat.

Che tao thuc an 14 - Emergenceingame

Video instructions for making straw bundles:

13. Yellow Carrot (Golden Carrot)

Yellow carrot for energy recovery, a yellow carrot can restore 3 bars of food. In addition, it is also used to process drugs, the main raw material for cYellow carrots can be processed, including yellow carrots, carrots.

Recipe for making yellow carrots:

How to make food in the game Minecraft

  • 1 carrot.
  • 8 gold seeds.

Video instructions for making yellow carrots:

14. Rabbit Stew

With rabbit stew, you will restore 10 food bars. The manufacturing formula is as follows

craft rabbitstew - Emergenceingame

  • 1 bowl
  • 1 mushroom
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 cooked rabbit meat
  • 1 baked potato

15. Special mushroom soup (Suspicious Stew)

A special mushroom soup (Suspicious Stew) helps you restore energy, with a special mushroom soup that can restore 3 food bars. Depending on the flower used to make the special stew (there are 13 different recipes), the stew can give you different state effects when eaten.

Recipe for special mushroom soup:

craft suspiciousstew - Emergenceingame

  • 1 bowl
  • 1 red mushroom
  • 1 brown mushroom
  • 1 any flower

So you already know the recipes for making food in the game Minecraft. Now, you can prepare any dish according to your personal taste. When playing the game Minecrat you can manufacturing all kinds of tools, fabricate weapons as manufacturing vehicles in the game is easy.

In addition, you can refer to some empire building games such as: Empire of the Galaldur, Knight Elite, The Promised Land … to entertain after every spare time.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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