10 ways to get free spins in Coin Master

Coin Master

Coin Master is a very engaging action-building game. Spin or spin is the easiest way to earn lots of coin in the game. Let’s refer to some ways to help players get the most spins in the game.

Coin Master

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10 ways to get free spins in Coin Master

1. Get Spins Coin Master Spins From Friends

Receiving free spins from your friends can help players receive up to 100 rounds / day. After successfully logging in with your Facebook account, you can send a request to receive spins from another friend, each person will give you 1 free spins. Note that these friends must have a Coin Master login account.

2. Watch Promotional Video Get Spins Coin Master

When the number of spins of the remaining player is less than 10, this function will be activated. You can collect a maximum of 5 spins by watching the promotional video. Although the amount of rotation obtained from this way is quite small, it is very convenient in situations where it is necessary.

Watch video

3. Introduce Players, Invite Friends To Play

Introducing players is a traditional practice in most games. And the maximum bonus for new player referrals in Coin Master is up to 150. For each successful referral player, you will be given 40 spins. Note that this doesn’t apply to Guest mode and you must be connected to your personal facebook account to do this.


4. Facebook Account Link

This can also be seen as a trick to get you up to 50 spins. Use the Guest account when logging in and then connect it to your facebook account. The bonus is only applicable for the first time Facebook account is linked. For those of you who do not know, the link button is located just below the right corner of the menu bar.

FB link

5. Get rotation from events

When participating in events (Event) in the game you can get a number of free spins. Therefore, please pay attention to fully participate in the events in Coin Master, even if you do not receive the spins, there will be other valuable rewards waiting for you.


6. Get free spins by spinning

When spinning, lucky player will spin 3 energy pellets. This is when you will receive a large amount of free spins for free.

7. Get spins by upgrading the village

When upgrading your village, some free spins will be delivered. However, this is a fairly expensive way to earn spins and should only be viewed as a negligible bonus.

Village upgrade

8. Earn cards to exchange spins

When opening chests or upgrading villages, players will receive cards. When you have a collection of 9 cards you get free spins and some very useful bonuses.

Earn cards

9. Email registration

If you sign up for a gift email, you’ll get a number of free spins daily. This is also one of the easiest ways to get free spins in Coin Master.

10. Waiting for free spins

If you don’t have time to do any of the above to get the spin, don’t worry. Coin Master gives free 5 spins every hour passes. So, you do not need to do anything to still have a certain number of turns. However, players spend a lot of time.

Wish you have lots of spins in Coin Master!

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