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Everyone knows that changing items with a plugin brings special items in Mini World: Block Art. Many people often use this tool to combine attributes into items and let them acquire special skills like many people often see in mods in Minecraft or other games.

The only difference is that this tool is available to the user, often the heavily modified items are weapons. Because this is a tool with many options to edit, below will guide you how to make a special gun in Mini World: Block Art.

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Mini World: Block Art

Instructions for making special guns in Mini World: Block Art

Step 1: Initially download and install the latest version of Mini World, or update to the latest version, then start the game up and enter Begin > select Plugin repository.

Click Plugins

Step 2: In the Plugin Warehouse click Items, Then click the plus sign to add a new edit.

Select Consumables

In the window Create / Edit, click Create new item.

Create new item

In the item menu, click on the gun and select OK.

Choose Gun

In the next window, select a model, above you please write the unique name of this item. Some descriptions may be included below.

Select Item Model

Next, select the item model, scroll down to the weapons tab and choose a weapon CANCEL and click OK.

Choose a Shootable Weapon

At the window PropertiesPlease put the parameters below the photo, including:

  • Gun type: Tommy Gun
  • Damage: Choose a low level
  • Shoot distance: In this section you can choose a shorter option if you choose guns such as submachine or minigun.
  • Particularly the number of ammo does not matter because you can choose an infinite number of bullets below.

Change weapon attributes

The most important thing is the selection AmmunitionHere, there are some eggs of the same color as shown in the picture. Each type of egg will give you a special type of ammunition, the example below I choose is Black Dragon Chaos Shadow.

Change the parameters

Next is to choose the parameters below, including:

  • Ammunition Mode: There is no need for bullets because this is just an entertainment item, not a survival item
  • Shoot mode: Half-Auto, or maybe automatic.
  • Initial speed increase: Max is always going
  • Weight: As low as possible.

Change parameters of shooting mode

Next is out of the map creation window, click create a new map, select the Dev Mode window and download the Plugin.

Download Plugin

Press Items > select More.

Add Plugin just created

In stock Plugins Please tick the gun you just edited and press More below.

Plugin Item Menu

Next click Confirm selected under. Out of the interface, please press Begin to enter the map.

Select the plugin just edited

Once in the game, press B and select the menu Edit, the gun just edited will have an orange button next to it.

Select Edit Crate

Bring that gun down to your toolbar, and take a few test shots. You will find your ammo type very special.

Shooting just edited plugin

As mentioned above, each type of egg will have a different color in the 4 dragon eggs. You can make 4 guns with 4 different types of ammunition as above.

Test shot just edited

Crafting this special gun will make your Mini World more unique when you have combined plugin options together. You can adjust the bullet damage level in the damage parameter change menu above, or add skills to the edited item.

Another tip for Mini World: Block Art players when creating a new map is the map code, which will help you get to the terrain you want to look for without having to waste your time searching. See the instructions in the article Some Map Code in Mini World: Block Art and how to enter the code to get the code for each terrain and how to enter the code.

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