How to make a Bag in Minecraft 1.20 is very simple

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If with versions before 1.20 of Minecraft, players can store items using chests when riding donkeys or Ender Chests. With version 1.20 released, players can easily expand their inventory with Bags. In this article, will guide players how to make Bags in Minecraft 1.20.

Limited inventory is always annoying for Minecraft Vanilla players. After a period of exploration, the player will not have enough room to store more items.

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Recipe for making bags in Minecraft

Instructions for making bags in Minecraft 1.20

1. Pockets in Minecraft

Currently, the new Bag is only available on some special versions of Minecraft 1.20 Java Snapshots. The mechanics of this item are still being changed after being revealed in Minecraft Live 2020.

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The bag is like a chest that the player can carry around. Each bag allows to hold up to 64 items or a certain stack of items. However, unlike the player’s inventory, the bag’s mechanics are a little different.

1.1. Storage mechanism of Bags in Minecraft

A Bag allows the player to hold 64 stackable items and one space for non-stackable items. However, items with different stack limits will have different sizes. Specifically, items with a limit of 16 per stack will cost 4 places while an item with a limit of 64 will only take 1 place.

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For example:

– If you put in the Bag an item that cannot be stacked such as a tool, weapon, potion, etc., the bag will be full and you cannot put anything else in it.

– If you put 32 sticks (limited item 64 per stack) in the Bag, the Bag will be 50% full and you can only put 8 more Ender gems (50% of a 16 item stack).

This means that the Bag is only suitable for holding stackable items. The total number of items you can bring won’t change, but you can bring more types of items.

1.2. How to use Bags in Minecraft

The bag acts like a normal item, different from the player’s chest and inventory.

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You just need to left-click to select a Bag, then right-click an item to put it in a bag, or right-click an empty box to remove an item from a bag. The last added item will be removed first.

2. How to enable resource packs with Bags on Java version

You need the game in Snapshots version to enable this feature.

Step 1: Enable option Snapshots in the card Installation.

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Step 2: Open Menu and create a new world.

use me in minecraft

Step 3: Choose Data Pack and select the Bag’s resource pack.

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3. How to make a Bag in Minecraft 1.20

To craft a Bag, you need 6 rabbit skins, 2 coils and of course a crafting table.

cover me in minecraft 1.20

Rabbit skins and ropes are arranged as shown above. Wire can be obtained from spiders while rabbit skin can be obtained from rabbits in desert, snow and taiga ecosystems.

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The above article has just shown you how to make a Bag in Minecraft 1.20. In addition, readers can refer to some of the articles already on the page to learn more how to get Shroomlight in Minecraft Please.

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