How to install Chrome extension on Firefox

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Installing Chrome extension on Firefox seems like an impossible task for Firefox users, but you can completely install add-ons and extensions from downloading Chrome to Firefox easily through the Chrome Store Foxified help tool in the article. write this.

Chrome Store Foxified is a tool that allows users to install extensions from the Chrome browser through the Chrome Store. In particular, users do not need a new user account to install the extension from Chrome to Firefox. Besides, users can also use Firefox, Chrome addon management tools like BrowserAddonsView to monitor and handle Firefox addon management tools when needed.

install chrome extension on firefox

How to install chrome extension on Firefox

Access address here to download the add-on called Chrome Store Foxified on Firefox, or on the Firefox web browser, you can download Chrome Store Foxified here.

Step 1: Or you access the menu icon on Firefox>Add-ons

install chrome extension on firefox

Step 2: Type the keyword Chrome Store Foxified in the box Search all add-ons (Search all add-ons) to search for extensions for Firefox. In the Avaiable Add-ons section (Available Add-ons) you will find Chrome Store Foxified, press Install to install. Wait a moment for Chrome Store Foxified to be installed in Firefox.

install chrome add-on for firefox

Press Install in the right corner of the screen to install this add-on on Firefox browser.

how to install chrome file for firefox browser

After installing the add-on Chrome Store Foxified will appear as shown above.

Step 3: After the installation is complete, you access the Google Chrome Webstore with the address here And note, you don’t need to sign in with your Google account.

install chrome extension for firefox

Find any extension you want to install and click it.

Step 4: In the add-ons introduction interface, you just need to click Add to Firefox to install the Chrome extension on Firefox.

After pressing Add to Firefoxa message panel appears with three options including Sign Addon then Install (login add-on and install), Just Sign and Download (Login and download only) and Install Temporarily (Temporary installation).

how to install chrome extension for firefox

If you want to install the Chrome extension on Firefox for a long time, you need to click the first option but you must have a Mozilla Firefox account. If you just want to log in and download add-ons, click the second option. After clicking one of the first two options, you’ll have to log into your Mozilla account to download the Chrome extension.

The Chrome extension will then be uploaded to the Mozilla Add-ons page for confirmation and appear in the Extensions tab.

how to install chrome extension for firefox

If you choose Install Temporarily (Temporary installation), you will only be able to install temporary add-ons on the browser, that is, after turning off Firefox, all Chrome extensions installed on Firefox will be deleted.

install chrome extension for firefox

The installation process may cause some errors, for errors that appear, you just need to click on the link on how to fix it directly in the error message. After successfully checking the error, the Chrome extension will be installed on Firefox.

Firefox is not only one of the best web browsers available today, it is also a pretty outstanding browser with fast browsing speed no less than Chrome and Coc Coc. supports many popular and very useful add-ons for users. But to diversify the add-ons, users can install the Chrome extension for Firefox. Besides, users can even install Chrome extension for Opera quite easily.
In addition, when using Firefox, users can also browse the web offline on Firefox. With the built-in Firefox offline browsing feature, you can easily browse the web offline even without an Internet connection to access the network.

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