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How to install and play Clash of Clans on computer with Bluestacks

Since its launch until now, Clash of Clans has always been a hit game and is very appreciated. Even this strategy game has become an indispensable spiritual dish, helping users to relax and relieve stress after a tiring day. However, we’ve all played without knowing that, apart from the phone, Clash of Clans can also be played on computer.

BlueStacks is the best and most popular Android emulator software on computers today. Using this software is also how we install and play Clash of Clans on the computer.

How to install and play Clash of Clans on computer with BlueStacks



Step 1: After successfully downloading and installing BlueStacks, you open it up, click on its icon CH Play (Play Store).

Click on Play Store on the main screen of BlueStacks

Step 2: You enter the keyword as the name of the game “Clash of Clans” into the search box and Enter, after the corresponding results are displayed, click the game button.

Search for games on the Store
Click on it game Clash of Clans need to download

Step 3: New interface appears, friends Click on INSTALL to start downloading the game Clash of Clans to the device, then continue to select Accept To confirm.

Click Accept

Wait a moment for the download to complete.

Wait a moment for BlueStacks to download Clash of Clans game to your device

Step 4: The game download process is complete, you choose to enter Open to enter the game.

Click Open to open the game

Step 5: It will take a little while BlueStacks load game for you (about 15-20 seconds).

The game loading process will take a bit of time
Wait a moment for the game load to complete

There may be cases where this message appears, if there is a device, but don’t care, just Okay is done.

Confirmation notice

And here are our results, Clash of Clans – The hottest mobile strategy game today is waiting for you to experience in a completely new way.

The main interface of Clash of Clans on BlueStacks

In my opinion, playing games is like watching movies, finishing football, having to play games on the big screen to enjoy. And with installation and play instructions Clash of Clans on the computer by BlueStacks As above, hopes to help you get a richer and more enjoyable experience with a top strategy game like this.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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