How to increase interaction when selling on Facebook

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A Facebook interaction is any action someone takes with your Facebook page or post. The most common examples are liking, commenting, sharing, tagging in posts. So, how to increase engagement for your Facebook sales page? Let’s find out in the article below!

Facebook engagement is of great significance as it can help expand your reach. First, it increases your popularity based on Facebook algorithm. Second, likes/shares will help your posts reach a wider audience. Finally, it shows that the audience is very interested in the content you provide. According to the experience of users of Facebook Fanpage management software will help you better understand how to increase interaction when selling on Facebook without ads.

How to increase interaction when selling on facebook

How to increase interaction when selling on Facebook

1. Inspirational content

Of the ways to increase Facebook engagement, this is the easiest to do. It sounds confusing, but we understand it simply like this. Facebook users don’t want to see sales ads, and they certainly aren’t interested in such content. They feel like watching the content make them smile, change their mind or improve their life theirs in some way. Therefore, if you talk too much about the sales story, people will gradually move away from your channel.

2. Understand your audience

What makes you feel happy or inspired has nothing to do with what your customers like. When you want to increase engagement, you have to target your audience. And it will be difficult to know what they want if you don’t know who your real audience is.

You can use Facebook Page Insights tool – a tool that provides a lot of useful information related to your audience. Study this information carefully and meticulously, and try to find groundbreaking details that can help you connect more closely with your customers.

3. Brief content presentation

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Most people use Facebook on mobile devices. Facebook has shown that people are constantly scrolling on news feed and spend only about 1.7 seconds looking at a piece of content, while desktop users will spend about 2.5 seconds. Therefore, you need to act quickly to capture the attention of your viewers, by posting short articles with eye-catching images.

4. Focus on quality

People scroll through articles very quickly, so don’t use too long graphics, videos or text.

If you don’t know what to post on your page, then selectively gather relevant information and edit it skillfully to turn it into your content. Quality is not something too big or expensive. In fact, Facebook encourages people to keep their posts simple, with the right color scheme and visuals, easily recognizable.

5. Use beautiful images

Posts with good images usually get better engagement. Facebook encourages the use of product close-ups or photos from customers.

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You don’t need to have a very good camera, you can absolutely own beautiful photos with your mobile phone.

6. Live Streaming

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Live stream or Livestream on Facebook. According to reviews, Videos have even higher engagement than images. You can use simple videos, taken with your phone. Live streaming shows 6x more engagement than regular video. Therefore, when you find good reasons to live stream, you will attract a lot of viewers.

7. Ask questions

Asking an interesting question is also a way to increase the number of comments on the article. You can ask loyal customers about the content they are interested in and then discuss these issues together.

8. Interact with people

If someone comments on your post, try to reply to them. People who interact with your writing are also expecting reciprocal interactions. You can hire a team of staff to respond to customer comments. Especially when you use Messenger for business purposes, make sure to respond as quickly as possible.

9. Continuously posting at the right time

The Facebook News Feed is based on an algorithm that is related to the time of posting. And, you’ll get more engagement at a time when more users are online.

It’s important to post consistently, as viewers want to be updated on a regular basis. You can do experiments to see when and how much to post is best.

10. Join Facebook groups

Create groups on Facebook so customers can engage in interaction. There are more than 200 million users who are currently members of different groups. You can also join different groups to connect with entrepreneurs in the same field and find new customers.

11. Use Facebook Stories

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Facebook Stories is quite familiar to users, this is the function of sharing moments on Facebook.
Facebook Stories always appear at the top of the news feed, the best place to capture the interest of users. Moreover, with this feature, you can post anytime you want without annoying your followers.

12. Add CTA . Button

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The CTA button stands for the phrase Call to Action, known as the Call to Action Button. The CTA button gives Facebook users another engagement option, beyond liking, sharing, and commenting. They can:
– Make an appointment
– Contact you
– Watch video
– Purchase
– Download the app
– Join your Facebook group
– ……

The 12 ways to increase interaction when selling above promise to bring you certain impressions and success when deciding to do business on Facebook. By doing all of these things, you are sure to attract more potential customers and increase sales profits. Besides, don’t forget to find out When to post sales on Facebook The best thing to do here is for the article to reach as many customers as possible.

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