How to improve aiming and reflexes skills in Free Fire

Shooting skills and reflexes are two of the many important factors that increase your chances of being the last survivor in the game. Garena Free Fire. Immediately apply 5 ways to improve aiming and reflexes skills in Free Fire that the following article shares to go deeper and further in each battle of this fascinating survival shooter.

In a shooting game like Free Fire, aiming skills are probably the most important thing you need along with reflexes and initiative. With good aiming skills, you will be able to eliminate enemies with as little effort as possible, while good reflexes help you react to unexpected dangers like enemies hiding in the corner.

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Instructions to improve aiming and reflexes skills in the best Garena Free Fire

In this article, will share with you some of the best methods to improve aiming skills and reflexes in Free Fire. These ways are useful for both beginners and experienced players.

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5 ways to improve aiming and reflexes skills in Free Fire

1. Try to aim at the opponent’s head

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Although aiming and shooting at the opponent’s body seems to be easier, headshots are the most effective and fastest way to bring down the target because you will be very unlikely to kill someone in armor at the end of the match. Some guns even have an extra modifier for headshots, dealing extra damage to enemies.

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The best way to get a successful headshot is to aim for the neck/chest as the recoil of the gun can direct the next shot at the target’s head.

2. Be proactive in finding and shooting down targets

In a fight, the person who shoots first will have a great advantage. To get that advantage, you’ll have to find your enemies before they can spot you. This requires you to look around and locate your target carefully. Your shot will definitely be more accurate then, since you have time to aim.

3. Feel the sound

Everything makes noise in Free Fire, especially shooting and enemy footsteps. It is important that you wear headphones to take advantage of it. If you can hear enemy footsteps just 1 second before fighting, you will be able to react immediately.

4. Be patient

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When you and your opponent clash in combat, sometimes the best thing is to hide and wait a while instead of trying to shoot back, the enemy may think you’ve moved away and try to close, do reveal their location. This also affects sniping as preparing for a perfect shot will take time.

5. Practice aiming in training mode

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Each gun in Free Fire has different characteristics, you must be familiar with at least a few assault rifles to be able to play well in the game. Only by understanding the characteristics and styles of weapons can you improve your aiming skills. You can also refer to the article Top sniper rifle in Free Fire the strongest to choose for yourself the most suitable gun.

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Practice makes perfect. You can completely improve your aiming and reflexes skills by applying the tips shared above, as well as through practice and through How to use a sniper rifle The right way that has shared to improve.

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