How to play LEGO Tower for beginners

The following article will share with you how to play LEGO Tower With helpful guides, tips and tricks, help you complete your quests and effectively manage your own building in this engaging Lego-style building simulation.

LEGO Tower is the title construction simulation game Free for iOS and Android, developed by NimbleBit LLC. In this game, players build and manage their own building, from building floors, upgrading floors, allocating populations, visiting friends’ buildings and discovering a variety of interesting things like pieces Unique Lego jigsaw, rebuild function and golden bricks.

lego tower tutorial for everyone

How to play Lego tower for beginners

If you are a beginner holding the first bricks in the LEGO Tower world, don’t miss how to play LEGO Tower and some useful tips to conquer this game that shares right here.

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I – How to play LEGO Tower for beginners

1. Player Objectives in LEGO Tower

how to play lego tower for people

Let’s start with the most basic – your goal is to build the tallest building possible by constantly adding floor after floor. Building floors requires coins and you can earn coins by taking the Minifigure (game character) to the floor they want by elevator and by completing many other quests. Once you’ve purchased room for the new floor, tap on the empty floor and you have a variety of options to choose from – creative, residential, retail, food, rebuild, and services. The resident floors provide accommodation for the Minifigure – they live there. And you can assign jobs to residents to let them work in food stores, fashion designers, confectioners …

2. Learn about the floor system

Each floor you can build in a LEGO Tower falls into two basic categories: Residential Floors, where tenants can work in your building, and Business Floors. offers a wide variety of goods and services to visitors.

As mentioned above, the resident floor is just the Minifugure’s living area. Each of these floors can hold 5 characters. On the other hand, in each business tier, there can be a maximum of 3 employees working in the field of providing different goods and services. Touching the business floor, you can place orders, stockpile and sell products. First, you order goods. Once the product is in stock, you sell it and earn coins from it over time. The process basically goes like this:

– Order products and goods.
– Wait until the goods arrive.
– Sell products.

Items are sold out automatically, so all you do is check your inventory and stock up. When you tap the business floor, you’ll see a notification of how much time is left when all your items will be sold out.

3. LEGO Tower residents and jobs

All residents have a dream job. If you assign jobs to residents according to their wishes, you will earn more money. To check the resident’s dream job, you touch the button yellow menu located in the lower right corner of the screen >Minifigures. Here you can see the entire Minifigure that is your resident. The job has heart icon Next to it is the dream job. For example, Daniel M’s favorite job is working at the Bavarian Food floor.

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guide to playing lego tower for new people

You can also find this information in the housing floors. Tap on the floor of the house and the game will show you a list of residents currently living there. Tap the character in the list >Change Job, here you can change jobs for residents. To fire an employee, tap that floor > character > Evict. This will take that Minifigure out of the building.

4. Welcoming new members to reside in your building

First, you need to make room for the inhabitants of the building by building the floor of the house. There are many ways to welcome new members to your building:

– Occasionally, the Minifigure will stand right in front of the elevator. Touch red arrow located at the bottom of the screen to bring the character to the floor. Most of the time, you make money by bringing these characters upstairs to visit, but sometimes, they will move into the building permanently and become residents here. Or at the bottom of the screen, near the menu button, you’ll see a notification that residents are moving into the building.

– The second method to welcome more people into your building in LEGO Tower is to use Bux – the premium currency and harder to earn than coins. Tap on the floor of the house that has rooms available for residents > button Move-in >Spend Bux.

– Sometimes, you welcome a special character and he will help you to bring many new residents to the building. For example, the character Mover.

5. How to earn Coins and Bux in LEGO Tower

You can earn coins in LEGO Tower in 2 ways:

– Take the Minifigure around by elevator to earn money: Tapping the red arrow will automatically take the character to the floor. Whenever guests come to a certain floor, you will earn some money.

– Business: Touch the business floors, import goods and sell products to earn money.

how to play lego tower for people who don

You can earn Bux in LEGO Tower in 3 ways:

– The main way to earn Bux in the game is by completing vehicle missions. If you buy vehicles, you will get quests that will allow you to earn BUX from it. For example, fire truck, pizza truck, truck… You will see these types of vehicles on the screen and find out information about the mission related to them at the bottom of the screen.

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– Another way to get Bux is to take the Minifigure upstairs by elevator. On certain floors, you’ll see a Bux sign. If residents move to those floors, you will receive Bux.

– Complete random object search missions.

6. Vehicle system in LEGO Tower

In the menu, tap the . button Vehicles and you will see a list of vehicles in LEGO Tower. Buy and unlock these vehicles for more new missions. For example, if you buy an electric vehicle, you will earn 9 Bux every time you complete a quest related to this vehicle.

Here is a list of vehicles and the number of Bux you earn from completing the quests associated with them:

– Pizza Scooter – 5 Bux
– Electric -9 Bux
– Tow Truck – 14 Bux
– Police Car – 17 Bux
– Tractor – 20 Bux
– Sportscar – 26 Bux
– Fire Truck – 32 Bux
– Monster Truck – 39 Bux
– Desert Rally Racer – 47 Bux

7. What is Tower Club in LEGO Tower?

how to play lego tower for everyone

Tower Club is a paid function in the game. You can use this function for free for 5 days. Then, to enjoy the benefits from it, you have to invest with real money. The benefits from Tower Club include:

– Advanced structures/customizations such as roofs, corridors, elevators and backgrounds.

– Automation of elevator control.
– Reduced upgrade costs.
– Increased rent from residents.

Prices and validity of each Tower Club tier:

– $1.99 for 5 days
– $4.99 for 25 days
– $19.99 for 299 days

8. How to Add Friends in LEGO Tower

To add friends in the game, you touch the . button yellow menu located in the bottom right corner of the screen > Friends > + Add > enter player ID. On that same friends page, you can see your ID. Please share your ID in the comments section below to add friends. You can also use the share function to invite friends via other apps.

9. LEGO Tower rebuild function

After building 50 floors, you can rebuild the building and earn gold bricks. You will lose all floors, coins and all residents but you will not lose the golden bricks, Bux, unlocked vehicles, characters and structures. On top of that you get more yellow bricks.

Yellow bricks are used to upgrade the floors of the future building. The floors built with yellow bricks provide many benefits to the player such as increasing the amount of money you get in each elevator ride, reducing construction time, reducing delivery time, importing goods quickly, increasing strength. store goods up to 100 times.

II – Useful LEGO Tower game tips

1. Use Bux wisely

While plowing LEGO Tower, you will realize how difficult it is to get Bux. While there are many quests that give you the opportunity to earn Bux, you will spend more than you earn if you don’t spend wisely. Importing and building new floors takes a long time, and with the option to speed things up with Bux, you can overspend when you want to speed things up.

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play lego tower for every player

Spending Bux to speed things up certainly helps, but LEGO Tower is a building management simulation game, so what you need to think about the investment is for a greater return on investment. Sure, speeding up the build process and shortening the shipping time will boost your gameplay to some extent, but some investment options aren’t worth spending some Bux on. In addition to using Bux to speed up the elevator and increase the amount of money, you should save Bux to unlock vehicles, in order to have more new missions to earn more Bux from these missions.

2. Full import of goods

In the upper left corner of the screen, you can check your earnings per minute. To earn the maximum amount of money every minute, you need to ensure that the goods are always plentiful. In the upper left of each floor, you can see dots of different colors: blue indicates that the warehouse is full, red indicates that the goods are still unloaded, and yellow indicates that the goods are on their way. shipping to the warehouse.

3. Add friends

Lego tower game for every player

Adding friends will make your gaming experience even better. Besides you can brag about your collection of uniquely designed characters and buildings with them, you’ll be able to send and receive character puzzle pieces to complete the collection faster. Visit your friends’ buildings and help them with some tasks to get some bonus Bux.

4. Take guests upstairs by elevator

Like managing a real-life building, LEGO Tower makes every minute of your game busy because there’s so much going on all the time. You will spend most of your time operating the elevator to get customers, visitors, and potential tenants up to the floors they want. During your elevator ride, you’ll realize that the people you take to higher floors usually bring you more money. And this is one of the main sources of income for you to make money and build new floors.
As a management simulation game, you will always be busy in LEGO Tower because you are both the builder and the manager, operating all activities in the building. The above LEGO Tower game guides and tips will help you enhance your building experience and effectively manage your building.

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