How to get the MINECRAFT . trident

Minecraft is an open world game with a lot of things that you can do and create here, in Minecraft there is an extremely diverse weapon system and Taimienphi will teach you how to get the trident in Minecraft CyberBingo game

MINECRAFT There are countless unique weapons created by players in conjunction with the game publisher, and in version 1.13 a new weapon was released with much enthusiasm from the community, the trident.

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How to get the MINECRAFT . trident

Introduction of Trident weapon

Trident is a new weapon that appeared in MINECRAFT from version 1.13 and only this version you can own this equipment. Trident has 9 attack power, higher than the diamond sword which is also a very popular weapon at MINECRAFT. Trident when attacking objects will be 5 hearts without enchantment. When using the trident to launch far away, it will reduce the heart by half to 4.5 hearts

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How to own a trident

Trident will have a durability of up to 251, a pretty high durability in MINECRAFT. If you want to own the trident, you need to kill the enemy while in the water and there will be a 2.5% chance to drop the trident for you to own. The rate is quite low, so if you want to increase the rate of picking up the trident, you can force more picks to increase a few % more picking up this weapon. Trident will work extremely well in the water different from bow, a weapon used to attack underwater.

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Using the trident underwater will be extremely advantageous to attack the opponent. You can’t pick up tridents that other people throw in the water, you have to knock them down to have a chance to get the trident. Trident will be most effective underwater to help you hunt fish easier and attack others in the water better. The right spell for Trident is Loyalty, it will help the Trident automatically fly back after you throw it no matter what

Above is the introduction and how to own Trident in MINECRAFT, a hugely popular underwater weapon of MINECRAFT since version 1.13. MineCraft gamers have many ways to play better such as layout, use of codes, beautiful skins, … In which, MineCraft code is used most by gamers, you can refer to the MineCraft code here.

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