How to get Soul Candy Redeem Halloween 2019 Garena Free Fire

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Every day, gamers after logging in and playing Garena Free Fire will have the opportunity to own Soul Candy, they can be used to redeem the Halloween 2019 event that is happening directly in the game, with many attractive rewards. .

With ownership Garena Free Fire Soul Candy, Free Fire gamers can get the Zombie Hat and the Haunted House Umbrella completely free, not only that, you can also use them to exchange for Pumpkin Candy for other festivals.

Halloween 2019 garena free fire

Halloween Event 2019 Garena Free Fire

Instructions to pick up Soul Candy Halloween 2019 Garena Free Fire.

Starting from October 26 to November 3, every day you can pick up Soul Candies scattered throughout the map of Paradise Island, Military Island …. Each random map will There is a location where Soul Candy appears, so you need to pay attention every time you jump on the island. Run fast to the places where Soul Candy appears, collect and redeem event rewards Halloween 2019.

Halloween 2019 garena free fire 2

When you reach those locations, you will see the appearance of Halloween Soul Candy 2019 Garena Free Fire scattered along the way, they are in the shape of a white candy bar (very recognizable) and you certainly won’t. may not be seen. Soul Candy appears most in houses, corridors, stairs …. with just a few Garena Free Fire battles, you already own a lot of Soul Candies.

Halloween 2019 garena free fire 3

Using Soul Candy gamers can get a lot of rewards, including Haunted Umbrella, Haunted Helmet, Pumpkin Candy, Scanner… the number of redemptions for each reward is limited and they are fully redeemable. totally different. At the main screen interface, you select the item Events and move to tab Collect Souls Redeem Gifts, make a gift change Halloween 2019 Garena Free Fire.
– 20 Soul Candy: Cuong Thi Hat.
– 15 Soul Candy: Haunted House Umbrella.
– 5 Soul Candy: Pumpkin Candy.
– 2 Soul Candy: Scanner.

Halloween 2019 garena free fire 4

Thus, Taimienphi has just instructed you how to pick up Soul Candy Redeem Halloween 2019 in Garena Free Fire. Another similar event is equally attractive, just by logging into the game, completing the task of receiving the dice, you already own Frankenstein Garena Free Fire skins free, very simple and does not take much time.

Garena Free Fire download link

In order to attract players, on the occasion of Halloween 2019 Garena Free Fire has launched a series of extremely attractive Events, a lot of rich rewards given by NPH for free for gamers.
– Link to download Android version: Free Fire for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Free Fire for iPhone
– Link to download PC version: Free Fire for PC

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