How to get Legendary and Annie League skins for free

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On the occasion of League of Legends’ 10th birthday, Riot has been generous and allows gamers to receive Legendary skins, Annies, gems, essences and summoned beast eggs for free. All gamers when accessing the game will receive it.

If you are one of the fans of the game League of Legends, you will certainly not miss this opportunity, the opportunity to receive free Legendary skins, Annie … and many other gifts from the publisher. Riot.

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Celebrating 10 years, Riot gives free gifts to gamers

How to get Legendary and Annie League skins for free

Not long ago, Riot held a very grand 10th birthday event of the MOBA game League of Legends, along with which NPH gave gamers valuable free gifts. You only need to access League of Legends every day to be able to receive the corresponding gifts, specifically as follows:

– Day 1: Special 10th anniversary logo, expression and eye pattern.
– Day 2: 6300 Blue Essence
– Day 3: Masterpiece Chest and Hextech Key
– 4th: Rare Beast Eggs
– Day 5: 3000 Orange Essence
– 6th: 4 Piece Costumes
– 7th: 25 Brand Points
– Day 8: 200 Worlds memorabilia 2019
– 9th: 2 Gems
– 10th: Legendary Skins
– Day 11: Annie outfit, birthday frames and icons

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From October 17, gamers after logging in to League of Legends will receive extremely valuable rewards with many pieces of equipment, Essence, Legendary equipment and Annie’s exclusive skin. All parameters can be changed depending on the status of the NPH, for gamers playing temple, there is certainly no problem at all.

So, quickly log in to the game to receive free Legendary and Annie League skins today, don’t miss any opportunity to own precious items and equipment from the publisher Riot Game, Don’t forget that they are completely free. In case if you don’t have the game, please follow the link below of Taimienphi.
– Link to download PC version: League of Legends of Legends-mien-phi-53703n.aspx
Currently, information about the mobile version of League of Legends is being shared widely when the developer Riot has conducted for gamers to pre-register on the Android version, so please hurry up and register for League of Legends. mobile to experience the game when it is released, official information, please read the article Riot allows pre-registration of League of Legends Mobile here.

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