How to get Iris Free Fire character for free

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Iris is generally a great character in Clash Squad or BR, but she definitely shines most in the team game modes. Now that Gloo Walls are so hard to withstand, many will have to find real shelter on the battlefield. Let Taimienphi learn about how to get the Iris Free Fire character for free through the following article.

Similar to previous updates, Free Fire 5 years old update gives players a character capable of shooting through, marking the enemy after the Gloo Walls ice class called Iris, gamers can get the character Iris Free Fire for free after loading the most amount of Diamonds determined.

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Tips to play Free Fire get new Iris character for free

How to get free Iris character in Free Fire

As Taimienphi has informed above, to receive free Iris character in Free Fire, gamers need to fully load 99 Diamonds, the number of Diamonds you load can still be used to buy other things without disappearing, after recharge enough KC according to each milestone you access the list Eventchoose Load KC Get New Characters and receive reward.

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– Load 99 Free Fire Diamonds: Get the Iris character for free.
– Load 300 Free Fire Diamonds: Get 20 Neon Chips.

Iris free fire
Iris looks quite similar to Steffie. Free Fire’s new character Iris has the ability to foresee the enemy’s moves to exploit the chances of victory thanks to her keen vision. Like some other Free Fire skills, there is a cooldown. However, we can shorten the time by equipping the Rockie assistant, which will reduce the cooldown of this new Iris character by 15% for you to use more often.

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How to get Iris Free Fire character for free

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