How to get Gems in Zooba game for free

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Gold and Gems (gems) are the premium currencies in Zooba that players can use to buy items, upgrade weapons for their character. The following article will guide you how to get Gems in Zooba game for free.

In the game Zooba, players have many different options to earn gems (gems), the premium currency in the game and can be used to upgrade weapons for their characters.

how to get gems in zooba game for free

Instructions for getting free Gems in the game Zooba

Tips: To download Zooba game to your computer and install, you can visit here:

=> Link Download Zooba for Android
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=> Link Download Zooba for iPhone
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How to get Gems in Zooba game for free

Method 1: Watch promotional videos

The easiest way to get gems, gems in the free Zooba game is to watch promotional videos. These videos can be around 5 – 15 seconds long, and players will get free gems right after the ad ends.

how to get gems for free in game zooba

Method 2: Earn Free Gems from Tournament Rewards

Participating in tournaments is also a way to earn free gems and gems in Zooba. After each match, the player will receive experience points

Method 3: Complete daily tasks

By completing daily missions, namely 3 missions/day, also bring you free gems, gems and some other items to equip your character.

experience and rewards, valuable items such as gems or gold, … .

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Method 4: How to get gems in other Zooba games

In addition to the above ways, there are a number of ways to receive and earn Gems in other free Zooba games, including:

– Proficiency rewards.
– Open chests and chests to earn free gold and gems.
Above just showed you some ways to get Gems in Zooba game for free. Besides, if you are a Free Fire fan, readers can visit here to learn more about how to earn Free Fire diamonds for free.

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