How to get free PUBG Mobile 2.3 UC

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When it comes to PUBG Mobile, gamers immediately think of beautiful and colorful costumes and gun skins. However, to own these items, players need to recharge to buy UC and unlock them. To be able to receive UC PUBG Mobile 2.3, gamers can follow the ways introduced by in the article below.

UC or Unknown Cash is one of the two currencies in PUBG Mobile. When owning UC, players can buy valuable items in the store such as costumes, gun skins, character skills,… This article will guide gamers how to get PUBG 2.3 UC for free.

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Instructions to get UC PUBG Mobile 2.3 for free

How to get UC PUBG Mobile 2.3

1. Use Google Play Credits

Gamers who regularly play Android games have many chances to receive free rewards such as Google Play Points. These points can be exchanged for real money on Google Play Credits, allowing users to buy UC with the main payment method using a Google Play account.

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UC when purchased through Google Play Credits will be much cheaper or even free when players use some tricks. This account will be deducted when the user purchases UC from the in-game store.

2. Participate in Give Away events

The second way to earn free UC and other items in PUBG Mobile 2.3 is to participate in Give Away events and programs. Players can follow PUBG Mobile’s official social media and YouTube channels or streamers.

Publishers or streamers will regularly hold events to attract more PUBG Mobile players. If you are lucky, you can win gifts and attractive rewards such as UC and other in-game items.

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However, recommends not to share any personal information such as account password, registered email password to suspicious websites, to avoid unfortunate PUBG nick loss.

3. Participate in publisher-organized tournaments

PUBG Mobile players can also participate in online tournaments and earn valuable rewards such as cash or other in-game items. PUBG publisher often organizes many tournaments on different servers to develop the community. Gamers confident in their skills can sign up for free and compete with other players.

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4. Play in PUBG Mobile Custom rooms

A simpler way to earn free UC is to play PUBG in optional rooms. Similar to the Give Away event, streamers or content creators on YouTube and other streaming platforms regularly host daily Custom matches to attract viewers.

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One of the most prominent examples is streamer Do Mixi’s Custom Pond Village for PUBG PC players. Gamers can show their skills and qualifications on the battlefield, eliminate other opponents to “Eat Chicken” and win valuable rewards.

5. Get UC PUGB 2.3 via Google Opinion Rewards

Developed by Google, Google Opinion Rewards is completely trusted app. Players can not only get free UC PUBG, but also earn money with just a few simple steps.

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After downloading the Google Opinion Rewards app, users can participate in answering simple survey questions on different topics. Completing these surveys, a small amount will be rewarded to the linked Google Play account.

PUBG players can use this money to buy UC from the in-game store. The harder you do surveys, the more UC gamers will receive.
Thus, Taimienphi has introduced to gamers the simplest and most effective ways to get UC PUBG 2.3. As can be seen with the above methods, getting free UC is not difficult at all. Wishing you success!

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