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Helpers not only give Free Fire players an added ability advantage, they also make your lobby even better. At each update, Garena adds a new assistant. Let’s learn with Taimienphi about skills, how to get free Arvon Free Fire assistant in OB37 version.

If you see the Arvon assistant for the first time, you can probably immediately think of a chameleon, the developers have edited a lot of the shape to make Arvon look like a dinosaur, assistant Arvon Free Fire has the ability to detect enemies in the area and share their location with teammates.

Reference: Details of the Free Fire OB37 update

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Assistant Arvon in Garena Free Fire

I. Arvon Free Fire assistant, skills and usage

– Arvon’s assistant skill in Free Fire called Dinoculars, at Lv3 they can detect the number of enemies within a 50m radius, sharing with teammates. Lasts 6 seconds. Maximum use per match 2 times.

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– How to use the assistant skill Arvon Free Fire

+ Arvon’s assistant skill is very useful for Battle Royale (BR) players. Let’s say you are on the Clock Tower and you can see the number of enemies all over the map. Which means from the clock tower, you can know the total number of enemies present at the Peak, Mill, Factory and other locations on the map.
+ However, you cannot take full advantage of Arvon’s abilities in CS ranked matches because the map and area of ​​CS is very small. You can easily spot four enemies in team battles without using the Arvon skill.
+ You can continue to see the total number of enemies for 6 seconds after using the skill. In addition, your teammates can get benefits from your helpers by watching on their screens.
+ Each pet and character in Free Fire has different limits. The Arvon Free Fire assistant also has limitations. You can only use this skill twice in a match, nothing more.

II. How to get free Arvon Pet Free Fire assistant

There are many ways to get the Arvon assistant in Free Fire for free, you can get it by using diamonds purchased in the SHOP or received through events. After the Free fire OB37 update, Garena will launch the Arvon recharge event and this is your time to get it for free, which means you just need to top up enough diamonds and you will receive the Arvon Free Fire assistant for free, no cost Diamond.

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The assistant skill Arvon Free Fire can only tell you the number of enemies within a certain radius, it can’t be better than the character skill Clu which allows you to know the enemy’s location in real time. Hope the above information is useful to readers.

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