How to get Ant Legion Diamonds for free

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Ant Legion is the newly released strategy game where you combine the powers of tiny ants and take down giant insects. You will need a lot of resources to expand your ant empire in which Diamond is a very important resource. There are several ways to get free Ant Legion Diamonds that you need to know.

Players will be acquainted with all kinds of ants, build buildings to help the Ant Queen expand their territory. In this journey, new players will need a large amount Ant Legion Diamond Free to make for your future upgrades.

How to register Kim Cuong ant legion free?

Tips to play Ant Legion get free Diamonds

How to get diamonds in Ant Legion for free

1. Enter code Ant Legion to get free Diamonds
During Ant Legion events, sometimes the publisher will give players Codes to be able to own diamonds, you just need to enter this Code to receive your rewards. And the game has just been released, so the publisher will give you a lot of Codes with many valuable gifts. Giftcode Ant Legion via the link below.

Reference: Code Ant Legion For the Swarm

2. Completing Chapter Quests
Every time you complete all the missions of a chapter in the story you will receive diamonds along with many essential rewards to upgrade the building.

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3. Participate in answering questions at Pheromone . event
Join the event Pheromones It is also a way for you to earn a large amount of diamonds because when you join you will receive question Regarding ants, if you answer correctly the number of rewards will increase by 2 times.

4. Buy a diamond supply box at the arena
Your queen ant reaches lvl12 and enough 800 Huy.C Quyet Chien Corpsthen you will be eligible to buy a diamond supply box to receive randomly from 28-8888 diamonds, so play all the days of the arena, because no matter win or lose you get Huy.C Quyet Chien Corps.

How to get Kim Cuong ant legion free on iOS

5. Milestones for using speed cards
The speed card helps you to reduce the time when upgrading the building, not only that if you use the speed card up to one certain milestone you will receive the number of diamonds corresponding to that milestone, the number will gradually increase according to the milestones.

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6. Complete Daily Quests
Daily there will be repeated tasks for you and you need to complete them to accumulate points, when you accumulate enough points of the last mark is 150 points, you will also receive a large number of diamonds along with other rare gifts.

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7. Participate in game events and activities
Every week or every month or on major holidays the game will release one event or sequence of eventsand when you complete events you’ll get diamonds and loads of other resources.

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8. Join or create an alliance
Joining for the first time Leaguecreate League you will also get 300 free Ant Legion diamonds as a bonus. So if the feature to join the Alliance is open, please quickly search and join now.

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In addition to the above ways, Taimienphi recommends that you do not receive diamonds through the use of hacks / cheats or 3rd party software, because you can have your Ant Legion For The Swarm account locked at any time.

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