How to get Alvaro Garena Free Fire character

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After a period of silent development, the new character Alvaro Garena Free Fire has finally officially arrived directly on the servers. And here’s how to get Alvaro, a wild but skilled explosives expert.

The character Alvaro Garena Free Fire is a skilled explosives expert capable of causing massive explosions, creating chaos. His unique skill Art of Demolition has the ability to increase the range and damage of explosive weapons in the game. This includes grenades, mines and launchers. However, his abilities are still nothing compared to DJ Alok or Maxim.

vat alvaro garena free fire

Alvaro – New character that increases the damage and effect of explosives

How to get Alvaro Garena Free Fire character

Starting from January 6, 2020, gamers playing Garena Free Fire when directly loading any 1 Diamond will officially receive the new character Alvaro immediately. Alvaro Garena Free Fire is an explosives expert that has the ability to increase explosive weapon damage and damage range. Of course, they can all increase through character development., reference How to top up Garena Free Fire diamond card here.

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Born into a family of two leading scientists, Alvaro Garena Free Fire soon showed a natural talent for guns and explosives, after days of being away from his parents, he became grumpy and interested. play with homemade gunpowder. To assert himself, Alvaro is determined to venture into Garena Free Fire where his talent is greeted with his skill in the Art of Destruction.

– Level 1: Damage range increased by 7% and damage dealt by 6%
– Level 2: Damage range increased by 7.5%v and damage dealt by 8%
– Level 3: Damage range increased by 8% and damage dealt by 10%
– Level 4: Damage range increased by 8.5% and damage dealt by 12%
– Level 5: Damage range increased by 9% and damage dealt by 14%
– Level 6: Damage range increased by 10% and damage dealt by 16%

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If in Garena Free Fire we have Laura representing super snipers with guns like rifles and snipers. Caroline represents the melee Shotgun line that deals massive damage. Then today the new character Alvaro Garena Free Fire is a new icon for the line of explosive damage weapons including the M79, Crossbow, Grenades, Mines and Hand Cannons.

With the character Alvaro Garena Free Fire, Taimienphi believes that all items and armor for him are like the Smartphone you are holding, fragile and fragile. The appearance of the Art of Destruction has broken all the laws and protective equipment in Garena Free Fire, very interesting and attractive, isn’t it.

A new game mode has just been added to the game, how play the Garena Free Fire Slayer mode also quite understandable, you and your teammates including 4 people try to destroy the giant sword-wielding Boss Samurai in a map.
– Link to download Android version: Free Fire for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Free Fire for iPhone
– Link to download PC version: Free Fire for PC

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