How to find the chorus in Minecraft

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Minecraft chorus fruit is the rarest fruit in the game. This article will guide you How to find a good chorus when playing Minecraft.

Chorus fruit in Minecraft

The use of the chorus fruit in Minecraft

Chorus Fruits in Minecraft are items the player can eat or process. In fact, it possesses a special feature set, comprehensive in every way, completely different from other common foods. While not the best food, the Minecraft chorus fruit can be used in many different situations:


You can eat the chorus fruit by holding it in your hand and selecting Use. Eating it heals you for 4 Hunger and 2.4 Hunger Saturation. The unique feature of the Minecraft chorus fruit is that you don’t need an empty hunger bar to use it.

The use of Chorus fruit in Minecraft

Instant teleport

The chorus in Minecraft can also help you teleport a hard block anywhere and 8 other blocks without creating a teleporter. If you use it while flying with Elytra, you can remove it and land it safely on the ground. The cooldown of this feature is only one second.

Processing materials

You can place fruit in Smoker or Furnace, with random fuel to make Popped Chorus. They are used to craft Purpur and End Rod blocks.

Where to find Chorus trees in Minecraft

Where to find the chorus in Minecraft

You can find the chorus on the End Dimension islands. You will reach these places after defeating the Ender dragon in Minecraft. In addition, the player can cut down the chorus tree to harvest the fruit.

Here’s everything you need to know about the chorus in Minecraft. Hope the article helps you find more Chorus fruits when playing Minecraft.

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