How to find Facebook ID

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Don’t know how to find your Facebook ID? Don’t worry, will guide you how to get and view Facebook ID simply and quickly through the article below.

Facebook ID is a sequence of numbers assigned to a Facebook account that is used to identify that account. We can understand that they are similar to our ID card numbers, because the account names can be the same, so having a separate ID is essential to find the correct Facebook address of the user. will share with you 2 How to find Facebook ID The easiest. We invite you to follow us.

how to find facebook id

View and find Facebook ID

Summary of ways to find Facebook ID

Here we will take Facebook Free Download as an example

1. Find your Facebook ID through the available address bar on your computer

Step 1: At the homepage, click on your name to access your personal page

how to find facebook id 2

Step 2: Here you can see in the address bar there is a section “id=….”, This is the account’s Facebook ID

how to find facebook id 3

Or more simply, when you put the mouse pointer on the part of the Facebook account name, an address line will appear at the bottom right, you can see Facebook ID in which.

how to find facebook id 4

2. How to find Facebook ID on phone

The operation to find Facebook ID on the phone has many similarities with the computer. However, for more precise and specific information, you can refer to the article content Here.

3. Find Facebook ID through Find My Facebook ID page

Step 1: If the facebook address has been set as a Username or you want to see the ID of the page or group on Facebook, you can visit the page of Find My Facebook ID HERE.

Step 2: You copy the Facebook address to find the ID and paste it in the blank box, then click on Find Numeric ID to find the Facebook ID. We will take Facebook as an example

how to find facebook id 5

Step 3: You will see a successful search message, Facebook ID number will appear.

how to find facebook id 6
Here are 3 ways find Facebook ID simplest and fastest. Hopefully with the above article, you will no longer have difficulty with viewing Facebok ID to search for friends and relatives on Facebook anymore. Another trick that we want to share with you is how to delete search history on Facebook, usually, when we proceed to enter search information on Facebook, the system will automatically save the information. That’s it, if you don’t want others to know what you’ve been looking for, go ahead delete Facebook search history let’s go. Good luck

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