How to export contacts from gmail, save all Emails in Gmail in CSV format

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The option to export gmail contacts to CSV format helps you store gmail addresses, email contacts on your computer more safely, avoid forgetting gmail password or being stolen, losing access, steps to save all email in gamil will be introduced by Taimienphi in detail below.

The trick of exporting contacts from Google Mail that we are about to guide must surely help users think of how to back up Android contacts, right. In fact, how to backup Android and Gmail contacts is to prevent loss of phone, gmail leads to loss of contacts. Please export contacts from Google Mail according to the following trick to protect your information.

How to export Google Mail contacts, save Gmail contacts to CSV

Step 1: You proceed to log in to Gmail -> After logging in to Gmail, in the Gmail interface, press Phonebook.

remove the list of three tu google mail

Step 2: A new tab is opened. In the menu on the left, press More > Export to export contacts from Google Mail.

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Step 3: Select Go to Contacts.

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Step 4: A contacts tab is opened again. You choose More (Add) and press Export (Export).

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Step 5: Tick ​​the section Outlook CSV format (Outlook CSV format). Select Export.

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Step 6: File Contacts.csv contains contact data exported from Google Mail to be downloaded to your computer.

remove the list of three tu google mail

Later when you need your Gmail contacts, you just need to open the Contacts.csv file.

Gmail is currently the email box with the largest number of users today, to use gmail, you need to register gmail, create yourself a new gmail account with your phone number as well as another recovery email address, In many cases, initial gmail registration does not need a confirmation phone number, but for security, you should use your phone to register a kharon gmail account.
For iPhone users, there is also a way to manage and backup iPhone contacts by using CopyTrans Contacts. This application allows creating new contacts, features such as exporting contacts, notes, calendars, messages, bookmarks are quite effective. CopyTrans Contacts on iPhone to protect your contacts.

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