How to enter Gmail quickly when the cable is broken, log in to Gmail quickly

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The problem of international fiber optic cable break makes you log in Gmail, Gmail mail download is slow, The solution to Gmail is slow due to network congestion, fiber optic cable breaks will help you access gmail faster, helping to solve your work. when you have to regularly check Mail. will guide you how to fix this situation, please refer to it

Gmail is a fairly popular email service today, with Gmail, users can sign up for Facebook, set up social network accounts, and many other services connected to Gmail. Users can create themselves a Gmail address from the Google homepage, if you do not know how to sign up for gmail, you can refer to the article how gmail sign up.

Due to the AAG fiber optic cable failure, the use of Gmail email is very limited, the mailbox loads very slowly and can’t even be accessed. In order not to suffer from the above phenomenon, here we will guide you how to fix them, please refer to it.
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Fixing slow access to Gmail due to weak network

Method 1: Use the tool to receive, send and notify Email

In fact, there are quite a few software that support Gmail login right on the screen of the computer. In this article, we introduce to you the Gmail Notifier software – One of the software that is highly appreciated by the online community, even with the author of this article.

– Suitable for slow, weak networks.
– Receive and send emails right on the computer screen.
– There is a notification when there is a new email.
– Limit the number of displayed emails (20 emails), if you want to display more, you buy the software license.

How to use Gmail Notifier software

Step 1: You download and install Gmail Notifier here: Gmail Notifier.
Step 2: After installing Gmail Notifier, you start the program up, you will see the initial interface as follows. (picture below).
Here the software displays the language and interface of the software, here I choose English and the horizontal interface as shown in the picture.
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Step 3: Email Configuration
In the main interface of the software, you choose Manage Accountsa window to set up your email address will appear, click on Add to add new Email.
Attention: In case you want to add more emails, you do the same.

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go to gmail when you have cham

At this step you choose Google Gmail Atom
Here you choose Gereral, in Gereral in Account Settings you enter your email information
Description: Enter the name of the Email, you enter it so that it is easy to remember, the purpose is to categorize the account when you add many other email addresses.
E-mail address: Enter your email
Password: Enter password of Email
After entering all the information, click Test Account settings to check if your email account information is correct. If it is correct, there will be an OK message, if not, please check your email account and password and do it again.

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Finally press OKthe software will download the email in your account and display it on the interface of the software

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How to open/view Email:

To open an email from your inbox double click Click on the email you want to view, that email will display information in the right column of the software.
Here you can Reply, Forward, … this email by going to Actions in the right corner of the software

How to send Email:

To send an email using Gmail Notifier, on the program’s interface, click on the item New E-mail, Here you enter information such as recipients, Cc, email subject, content, images, … including attachments,…

Get notified when there’s a new email:

After you have successfully set up your email account information, when there is a new email, the program will notify you in the lower right corner (where the clock is located) on the computer screen.

Method 2: Switch to HTML interface

The basic HTML interface will display all the email information you need, enough to meet your work and requirements, just look at it “monotonic” and “classic” as its name suggests.
To switch to this interface, while waiting for Gmail Loading, click Load Basic HTML(Picture below)
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Then you will easily enter the main interface of Gmail. To return to the familiar interface, click Switch to Standard View or set the default HTML interface you click Set Basic HTML as Default View
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Method 3: You use the Gmail interface for mobile devices.

To access this interface, on your web browser, enter the address then log into your Gmail normally. You will then be able to access your mailbox quickly (Figure below).
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Customize to enter Gmail faster next time

Gmail loads slowly also partly because when you go to gmail, it loads the included functions and utilities, with these optional functions you can completely optimize your Gmail to log in to gmail faster for the next time. next

After logging in to Gmail, you can turn off some unnecessary features to make the process of logging into Gmail easier.

1) Turn off the function of displaying news on Gmail via RSS (Web Clip)

Go to select Settingsswitch to card Web Clips then uncheck Show my web above the Inbox (Picture below)
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2) Turn off Gmail Laps function

Go to select Settingsswitch to card Gmail Laps then hide unnecessary features by ticking Disabale already Save Changes to save
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3) Minimize the number of Emails displayed on the interface

With default mode, the number of Emails displayed is 50you can drop below that for easier Gmail access by clicking Settingsswitch to card General. Section Maximum page size you choose 10, 15 or 20….then save
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The above is a summary of ways to help you log in to your Gmail account quickly when there is a network problem. Hope it will help you a lot in work as well as in study.
As we all know, Gmail is a utility of Google, it is quite popular with users, Gmail helps you send, receive email and many other things, including creating a facebook account, if you do not have one. Gmail can see how to register gmail at this website. Besides, you can combine Gmail with tools to support notifications, receive and send messages when there is new Gmail right on your computer screen with tools like Gmail Notifier Pro or Gmail Notifier.

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