Common terms used in PUBG Mobile

As we all know, each game in general has its own terms to facilitate communication and exchange between gamers, PUBG is no exception. Therefore, the Game please help you with the most used terms in this attractive FPS shooting game.


This is probably the word you will hear the most while playing PUBG. At the main game screen, you click on the square map on the upper right corner to see a white circle, called the BO circle.

Round BO

Ring BO This will narrow down over time, those out of the ring BO will lose blood. Therefore, it is the player’s task to run inside to be safe.


Words refer to the action of picking up items as well as equipment of gamers in PUBG, such as guns, accessories … You can loot things in many different places like indoors or from crates. .

Loot map

There are 2 types of crates: 1 from the plane dropped to 2 because the gamer uses a gun to call.

In addition, you can loot items from players who have been defeated. When you defeat someone, you can pick up the item that person has dropped.

Red Zone

As red areas on the map to warn players about to have bombs falling and all you need to do is quickly run into the house to shelter.


Check areas and positions for enemies or for safety


Camp players

The term refers to a player choosing a safe location and then “sitting” there to defend or find loopholes of the opponent to sneak shot.

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After checking in a certain area without seeing an enemy’s shadow or assuming you destroyed them, it is called Clear (safe).

Few terms about home regions in PUBG Mobile

Doremon House: The house is like Doremon’s

The doremon house

Apartment: Building with 3-4 floors or more

School: Famous school area in PUBG

Warehouse: Has a door structure that opens to 2 sides and a top window

Toilet: Includes small huts scattered throughout the map

tower are two-story tower-shaped houses with separate paths.

The maze house

The maze house

The name says “difficulty” when entering this house, gamers will easily get lost in the matrix of the doors.

Bread house

Bread house

This bread-shaped house holds a lot of things for gamers to comfortably loot

2-storey house died

2-storey house died

The reason it is labeled death is because all 4 sides of the house have windows, while there is only one way up. In case of being bombarded by the enemy, gamers only have to jump out the escape window.



This is a familiar place where many PUBG gamers fight over the territory.

The above are the most common terms in PUBG to make it easier for you to play.

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