How to earn Orange Essence in League of Legends

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Basically, Orange Essence in League of Legends used to turn skin fragments into permanent skins. Therefore, many LoL players are looking for ways to earn Orange Essence in League of Legends as much as possible. In this article, will share with you some methods to do that.

After the date of the death of IP, perhaps players have gradually become familiar with 2 concepts: Orange Essence and Tinh Hoa Lam in League of Legends. For newcomers to League of Legends, Orange Essence is a crafting essence that players League of Legends Can be used to turn skin shards into permanent skins.

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While Blue Essence acts like the previous IP, meaning you can buy champions with it, Orange Essence functions like RP although LoL fans can still buy RP (Riot Points) in the shop . That means, by using Orange Essence, players can get items like skins that sometimes cost some cash to own. However, players can skip buying RP by farming Orange Essence and collecting skin shards to get new skins. So how can I earn more Orange Essence in League of Legends?

How to earn Orange Essence in League of Legends

1. Buy chests from the shop

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This is possibly the most obvious way to earn Orange Essence. Each chest costs 125 RP. You can buy chests from the shop and get Orange Essence from there. However, the drop rate of Orange Essence is not high, so people may have to spend more money to get Orange Essence.

2. Earn chests from playing games

LoL players can earn chests by playing games. However, players must follow a few rules to maximize their chances of earning chests and extracting Orange Essence.

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For new players, you must own the character you are playing in order to be eligible for the chest. They can earn 1 chest after 7 days with the ability to store up to 4, but a Hextech key is required to open. Players can earn Mastery Chests, Hextech Chests, and Masterwork Chests, all of which have different Orange Essence drop rates and loot.

3. Perform better to earn more chests

With the introduction of the Champion Mastery system, LoL players were unable to earn scores based on the performance of the different champions they played. From S-Tier to D-Tier, the score reflects the player’s performance in a battle based on many factors such as damage dealt, death vs kill…

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In order to earn many chests and thereby obtain many Orange Essences, the player needs to win S rank or higher in a battle. Players also get a chest if someone on their party gets an S or higher, so this method is a reliable way to get Orange Essence for players with good records.

4. Get RP from friends and relatives

League of Legends provides a great way for players to interact with each other. Players can not only chat, but also give each other gifts, such as RP. That way, you can buy chests to get Orange Essence or buy skins. Players can gift their friends through LoL and can even purchase prepaid RP cards through Amazon.

5. Split skin fragments to get Orange Essence Hoa

The most reliable and probably the least frustrating way that doesn’t involve money to earn Orange Essence is to turn skin shards from the chest into Orange Essence. You log into the game and follow the instructions below to turn the skin piece into Orange Essence:

Step 1: Go to page Loot in League of Legends by clicking Loot . icon as shown below. Scroll down and you’ll see a list of unused skin shards you’ve accumulated on the left under Skins. Click on the piece of skin that you want to split into Orange Essence and click the button Disenchant into Essence from the list.

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Step 2: Then confirm your decision by pressing the . button Disenchant.

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You can also trade Ward skins for Orange Essence and you’ll find this option in the Ward Skins section.

Here are some ways to earn Orange Essence in League of Legends. In general, the last way is considered the most effective because you can use unused skin fragments to exchange for Orange Essence without having to spend as much effort and time as other ways. of Legends-62253n.aspx

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