How to earn Joker Card in Coin Master game

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Joker Card in Coin Master game is a very rare special card, they allow users to receive other cards, so where to find Joker Card in Coin Master game, how to do it, Taimienphi will answer all questions Your problem is read right in this article.

For the players Coin MasterIn addition to spinning Spins, it is also essential to collect Cards, not only allowing you to unlock Pets but also providing many free Spins Coin Master, and Joker Card is what everyone wants. yes, this is also one of the ways to earn Spin Coin Master for players.

how to get joker card in coin master game

How to get Joker Card Coin Master

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How to get Joker Card in Coin Master game

The Joker Card Coin Master is one of those cards that can be earned during events or obtained from opening Legendary Mystery Chests, it gives you the power to turn it into any card you want, including Gold card.

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1. Open the Mystery Chest Coin Master

Mystery Chest is one of 12 types of chests in Coin Master game, players can buy them in any village, using them you will get rare cards, Pet XP or Spins for free. In addition, the Mystery Chest can be obtained when participating in other events or Events, the rate of opening Joker Card Coin Master from the Mystery Chest is very low (1/10).

how to get joker card in coin master 2 game

2. Winning The Joker Tournament

The Joker tournament is very similar to other tournaments like Diamond Tournament or Pedal to the metal, players will be put in a competition of 50 people, the top 10 people with the highest score will receive the NPH’s prize and the Top 1 person will receive the prize. Joker Card. To get a high score, you need to turn out a lot of Attack or Raid.

how to make joker cards in coin master 3 game

The Joker tournament is hard to play, it’s a tournament that people always want to enter to win a Joker Card or a rare card, which means you have to play it strategically, be ready to lose spins and make sure exit promptly if you find it ineffective.
Above are some ways to earn Joker Card in the simplest Coin Master game, hope these game tips help you quickly complete your card collection. If you find it interesting, don’t forget to Like & Share for everyone to know.

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