How to download videos without sound from YouTube with Ant Download Man software

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For many people, downloading YouTube videos with no sound is a disaster. However, some people desperately need such videos to facilitate work. Unfortunately, not all download support software can help you in this regard, but Ant Download Manager can do it easily.

The status of downloading videos from YouTube without sound when downloading with IDM makes many people very angry. You can refer to the article on fixing video without sound that was introduced by earlier to solve this problem.

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However, YouTube videos without sound are really useful to many people, especially those who often do voiceovers or novel sounds for videos.

Fortunately, Ant Download Manager (ADM) software supports downloading YouTube videos without sound very cool and impressive. You can see instructions for downloading videos without sound using ADM introduced by below.

Download videos, download videos without sound in Ant Download Manager

Download Ant Download Manager: Download Ant Download Manager

Step 1: Open any YouTube video. At the video opening interface, click on the AntDm fast download icon bar.

Tai video is not ice cream english tu youtube bang antdm

Step 2: Select item Others final. Here, you will see download options including video and audio with different quality.

how to listen to video without ice cream youtube bang antdm

Step 3: In each downloaded file format including video and audio, you will see a “speaker” icon with an “x”. This means that those audio clips will have no sound when downloaded.

Tai video is not ice cream english tu youtube su dung antdm

After selecting the format and video quality without sound, AntDm will display a message asking if you want to add sound to the video you are about to download. You click Yes to add or No to download the video without sound.

Step 4: Page Download Link with AntDM appears, you continue to choose tweaks related to the video name, storage address or other notes.

video is not available in english, youtube su use phan mem antdm

Press Download orDownload later to start downloading.

how to download video without using antdm

After successful download, the software will ask if you want to open the video or open the folder containing the video.

Thus, you have been able to successfully download YouTube videos without sound through ADM software. In addition to downloading directly with the quick link bar, users can also use the get link tool available in the ADM software.

Like ADM, IDM also supports fast loading bars for YouTube videos. Besides, users can also copy link to IDM to download at will.
YouTube is a diverse and trusted music sharing service. However, users will only be able to download the video, but it is difficult to download different videos or audio separately. Understanding this problem, has an article showing you how to do it split YouTube music No software needed, please refer to it

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