How to download and install the game Neighbors from Hell – Mischievous neighbors on any device

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Neighbors from Hell also known as “The neighbor is mischievous“good”Poke the neighbors“is a light-hearted, amusing and humorous role-playing game. As the mischievous Woody, you will sneak into the house of the grumpy neighbor Rottweiler, use tricks to make fun of him. get mad for hate.

Unlike other fun games, Neighbors from Hell takes a bit of intelligence so our characters can perform their pranks without being detected. At the same time also need persistence by game point and click This is not as simple as many people think.

How to download and install the playful Neighbor game on any device

Download and install the mischievous neighbor game for Android

Neighbors from Hell: Season 1 for AndroidNeighbors from Hell: Season 2 for Android

How to do it Download and install the game Neighbors from Hell above Android and on Android emulator are completely similar, so in this tutorial, I will use images on Nox as an example. The game you want to install on your phone can follow and follow.

Step 1: You start the emulator installed on the computer. From the main interface, click on the icon Play Store to access the app store.

Google Store

Step 2: Enter keyword search game into the box Search, then select the version you want to play to install.

Search the mischievous neighbor guy game

Step 3: Click Install to begin.

Install Neighbors from Hell game for your phone

Click Accept to agree to grant the game some basic permissions.

Accept the game's terms

Although not too heavy, but to ensure efficiency, we are also asked to download Neighbors from Hell using a WiFi connection, click Proceed to agree.

The neighbor game comes from hell

Step 4: Wait until the game is finished downloading, click Open to open the game.

Play the naughty neighbor's game on the phone

And this is the first interface for us to enter Play “The mischievous neighbor” on your Android device mine.

Finish installing the mischievous neighbor game on the phone

Download and install Neighbors from Hell for iPhone, iPad

Neighbors from Hell – Season 1 for iOSNeighbors From Hell: Season 2 for iOS

Step 1: You also open the app store for iOS on your device by going to App Store, touch Icon Search (magnifying glass) in the lower right corner of the screen.

Download the mischievous neighbor game for iOSSearch the mischievous neighbor game for iPhone

Step 2: Enter the keyword as the game name in the search box. There will be two results that correspond to the two versions Neighbors From Hell: Season 1 and Season 2. You choose the version you want to play by touching Take.

Download game Neighbor from Hell for your phoneInstall Neighbors from hell game for iOS

If you have set up password saving for your Apple account, the game will automatically download, otherwise, you will have to sign in again later before you can. Setting game on the machine.

How to download the game “The naughty neighbor” on the computer

Neighbors from Hell for WindowsNeighbors from Hell: Season 1 for Mac

Step 1: You access the page to download Neighbors from Hell game support, click Download.

Download game Neighbors from Hell for the computer

Step 2: Select a corresponding path in the next interface and then click Download to start downloading the game to your device.

Download game Neighbors From Hell for the computer

Step 3: Windows window appears, you find the location to save the game on your computer Save again.

Download the game of mischievous neighbors on the computer

Install a playful neighbor game for PC

Step 1: You open the folder containing the downloaded game installation file, double-click on it to start.

Install Neighbors From Hell for the computer

Step 2: The first interface, choose next.

Install the mischievous neighbor on the computer

Step 3: Tick to tick I accept the license agreement, later next.

Install neighbor guy from hell to PC

Continue next.

Intellectual role-playing game

Step 4: You can choose next to install the game at the recommended location or click Browse to change to the position you want.

Choose the location to install the game mischievous neighbor

Choose a new location OK to save.

Installed successfully

Click next to perform the installation in the new location.

The neighbor comes from hell

Step 5: Complete the installation, click finish to close and start playing the game.

Play intellectual game Neighbors from hell

Those are the most basic and detailed directions for you to download and install this intellectual role-playing game on your devices. This is also a gentle and suitable game to relieve stress after a hard working day.

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