How to detect hidden Facebook nick

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How to detect hidden Facebook nick is a simple way to accurately identify a certain user who is online but has enabled the hidden feature, so the following article will be a small trick to help anyone in need. “Investigate” Facebook whether someone has hidden Facebook nick or not.

For many Facebook users, sending a message that their friend does not respond to will cause a lot of inhibitions. Since then, their curiosity increased, leading them to find a way to detect that user’s Facebook nick to see if they are really not online to read their messages. Although this is a bad habit not to do, but with the needs of many readers, the following article we will guide you how to quickly detect someone’s hidden Facebook nick as well as not turn on chat.

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Instructions to check hidden Facebook nick

How to detect hidden Facebook nick

1. Detect hidden Facebook nick on computer browser

Method 1: Check at Facebook chat frame
By default, people who are online on Facebook all have a blue dot icon, and accounts that have been online before, Facebook will report a certain time period of access. What you need to pay attention to in this notification section is that Facebook friends’ accounts often appear online or accessed 1 minute ago. And those accounts are mostly hiding their nicks or turning off the Facebook chat function to work silently.

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Method 2: Check through the mobile interface
To do this, you first need to visit the person’s Facebook profile. Facebook profile page will look like And of course each person will have a different address.

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You proceed to replace the word www in the above link with the letter m and then press Enter.

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A new interface appears, click on the Message (Message)

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The conversation opens, you notice right below the Facebook account name there is a line that says “active 3 minutes ago“. With this sign, I will know that person is online on Facebook but is turning off chat mode.

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If that person is online but hides the nick, the line “active 3 minutes ago” can be “active” or “active 30 seconds ago”. In general, it will show up for a very short time – only a few seconds. If the other person is not online, the activity line 3 minutes ago will show the exact time that person last accessed Facebook.

2. Detect hidden Facebook nick on mobile app
It is not difficult to detect other users hiding Facebook nick by phone, detailed instructions on how to do it are detailed in the link by Taimienphi. Here.

So, above is a guide to detect hidden Facebook nick that Taimienphi wants to share with you to know who is online on Facebook but does not turn on chat. It can be said that with this method, you not only know if the person is still online, but you also know how long ago that person was online. The article guides on the computer, but if you want to apply it on your phone, you can do the same through the web browsers available on the device.
Along with that, for users who want to avoid the eyes of the online community, hiding activities on Facebook profiles is a good thing to do and if readers are in need and do not know how to hide Facebook activities. how, the article instructs how hide activity on facebook We shared earlier that will help you to successfully perform this simple trick.

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