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In this article, will guide you through some operations in the empire, AOE. With good troops, gamers will easily reduce the enemy’s defense as well as attack. From there, you can win and move forward.

The important way to cover

Game Empire AOE is a strategy game that requires players to take a lot of operations. Many tactics are applied in the battles in the Empire, depending on the type of troops and resource conditions, there will be different ways to fight. Sometimes you also have to be quick in the situations that happen when fighting with the enemy.

In the AOE empire, each type of army has different advantages and ways of fighting.

When you’re a slasher

When playing the guillotine, the player must ask for a horse to search for more wild food and enemy houses. Detecting wild food to make your strength stronger to avoid food shortages.

– When the pony was born, you guys Prioritize raising armor for horses (The unarmored steed will beat the merited and unarmored steed) because it will be more dangerous for your team.

The important way to cover 2

Look around the enemy to have a broader view of their home situation. Because you can attack in many directions, lowering the opponent’s defense. Will reduce their ability to develop and make it difficult to keep their steady status.

If the opponent is a bow:

+ Focus on forcing life early to prevail in life. Fighting often builds 2BL to shock troops.

+ Job control troops Slashing against the bow is also an art. The masters usually control a guillotine horse running forward, the bow will focus on shooting that guillotine. In technical terms, it is called “Island“.

+ The remaining guillotines will be close to the opponent’s pieces and let your slashes cut multiple bows instead of clustering to cut 1. Because if you cut one, it will cause a situation of chopping and there are children standing outside.

* In case the opponent is a slasher:

+ If you are a slashing horse and the opponent is a camel: should give priority to play BY and make a skewer to smash their house.

+ You and them are 2 similar slashes: then you should gather and slash as quickly as possible the ones with less health.

+ Sorcerer keeper It is an indispensable thing in the guillotine. Therefore, you need to be really alert, if you see the opponent’s edema, you should fall immediately. And if you are Macedonian, there is nothing to worry about, just rush in and slash. Simply because the Macedonian is a godless army, it is very difficult to use Mace’s slash or Y.

* The upgrade for slash is also very important. Prioritize +2 armor first, then +2 attack, and +4 last, then +4 armor. The blood head is also very important for the guillotine.

* Note:

+ Attack is increased when slashing from the top down

+ Should focus on gold. If there is a shortage, increase gold diggers or upgrade gold miners as soon as possible.


For the military, the bow is the CHEAP bow

– Your people when size 3 must be 25+. With such a population, it is enough to shock 4BA.

– Need to pay attention to real and wood, arrange the people so reasonable.

– Special attention should be paid to logging forests.

Pay attention to the ability to chop wood in the BM house because it is important in increasing the output as well as the long range of the supply.

For the enemy, the bow is CHEAP

+ Job range upgrade extremely important, is a factor that creates an advantage for you.

+ Article the archers is being shot around, causing time loss and sucking the opponent’s bow attack.

+ Split a few bows to machine the enemy’s business areas

+ Should pay attention to the narrow paths to the enemy’s house (making you lose the ability to gather)

+ Avoid archery when your bow is standing on a slope or in adverse conditions

Deal with slashing horses and camels

+ For this melee army, you need to make good use of your house booing ability.

+ Send the bow to run around the area of ​​your army for the guillotine to chase, then the remaining bows will not be slashed and shoot these guillotines.

+ Should gather the bow, do not stand scattered because so the possibility of being captured and lost is very large

+ When dealing with melee troops need to pay attention to upgrade health head and armor Indoor BS

Dealing with A

+ Bow A has an advantage over bow R in terms of damage, fire speed, cheap resources and less spawn time. Since bow A takes 2 upgrades, you have the advantage of early pay.

+ Turning the first R has a large percentage of your victory. If you let the opponent collect the A ray, your chances of winning are very low. Therefore, you must know how to take advantage of the first turn when you are born.

+ Offering BK (begging for cannons, also known as stone cranes), only stone cranes can counter bow A. Remember to protect BK’s house to avoid letting the enemy know that you offer BK. Gather 2 or 3 or more stone cranes, then attack them.

Duel with Y (oblique)

+ Macedonian and Greek skewers are nasty opponents of the R bow. To deal with this type of piece you need to separate their pieces into many directions and then snipe, or you can also wave E to stop the enemy’s steps.

Macedonian skewers have an arc of 3

Greek skewers have fast running speed
Hopefully the above article has provided you with some basic information and knowledge in how to deploy troops for each type of army to apply in matches or solo matches in the AOE empire, you can see more ways arrange people in the empire to be able to live as soon as possible.

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