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Playing the AOE empire, the most important factor to decide to win all opponents is to get up early, if you want to go to life early, we must arrange the people in the most reasonable way to exploit resources thoroughly. Today’s article, will guide you how to arrange people in the AOE empire in a reasonable way.

The arrangement of people in the AOE empire is always a necessity for beginners, helping us to have a standard operation, arrange in the most reasonable way, optimize resources, and avoid resource shortage. imbalance and late life.

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Most of the time, when it comes to the AOE empire, we will immediately think of the top 1 players like chimedinang, bibi, hehe ….or some other famous players of the AOE clans. For each person, there are a number of different ways that make up their brand.

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First is the BE issue, you should always close BE 2 units from time limit to ensure there is no delay of applying for citizenship.

Detailed steps:

– Initially you have 3 people, then you will drag 2 people to build BE and 1 people to explore to find the top mines.
– When you have found the fruit mine, you pull all the people out to pay BG to eat and make sure you have built enough 2BE at first.
– Next, when you have enough 6 people to eat fruit, stop because then you have enough to buy people in the main house.
– The 7th or 8th people went to find out. The next people you cut down the trees around the house to ensure there is enough wood to build BE and BS
– When you have enough wood, you drag 3-4 people to a beautiful forest to build BS, the sooner you build the BS, the more stable wood you will have later.
– You only feed 6-7 people with wood, the rest will eat the food that you just discovered for the people (Note: each mine can only be eaten by 6-7 people).
– After reaching 23-26 people, you stop asking for people and wait for 500 real money to increase life 2.
– After reaching life 2, you should distribute the population so that it is reasonable. 7-10 people cut wood, the rest is to eat food to get better 3
– To get to life 3, you need 300 wood to build a house with BA conditions to play bows (BL for slashing) and BM, and also need 800 real to increase life.

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During life 3, you arrange as follows:

– For the guillotine:

* Buy a horse to detect, and at the same time give 5-6 to eat, actually pay BS to eat gold
* There are 2 options:
+ People go to eat wild
+ Close the field
+ After coming to life, ask for a horse to cut and take care of the map

For bow troops:

* Before going to life 3, you need 2-3 BS
* Arrange 8 or 9 fields
* After coming to life, close 3 to 5 BA houses depending on the amount of wood and fields.
* Go to life to jack the wheel and ask for troops.

With the number of people distributed as above, BL and BA both get 3 to 5 turns of troops to attack or defend, after developing, they will ask for more people. Mastering the basic skills above is essential for beginners.
With the above basic operations, has guided you how to arrange the most reasonable people in the AOE empire. Mastering these skills also means that you can control all your people and minimize the number of people standing and playing, besides, you can refer to the empire movies to play the game quickly. than.

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