How to combine troops in Clash of Clans

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Each player will have a different playstyle as well as a different way of combining troops, but how to combine troops to be effective, perhaps still need to learn from experience as well as the actual training process to draw.

Combining troops properly, in accordance with the base space as well as his level will bring a high chance of victory for each player. Some people like to hunt for trophies, but there are also people who like to search for agricultural products to make the most. So it depends on individual preference.

So please refer to the article below to draw for yourself how to combine troops most effectively in this famous Clash of Clans game:

For trophy hunters, there are 4 ways to combine troops:

1. PEKKAs combined with Wizard

Wizards are great defenders because they can attack enemies from behind walls, and PEKKAs are the last units unlocked at the barracks, with armor stats and the greatest attack power among normal soldiers, but in return is the high cost and weakness against the Hidden Tesla defense.

So PEKKAs combined with Wizard will support each other very well, how to combine This has from 10 to 14 PEKKA soldiers, the rest are mages, suitable for those with more than 3300 trophies.

2. Dragon combines Archer

Dragon has the ability to attack both in the air and on the ground, you should have about 10 to 11 dragons in parallel with Archer, but buying dragons is very time consuming and expensive, so calculate if your ability is suitable. with this combination of troops.

This combination is very suitable when the opponent has ground-to-air defenses and the player has 2300 trophies or more.

How to combine troops in Clash of Clans

3. Healer combines Giant

Healer has the ability to heal but is very fragile, while Giant is very durable but weak attack power. Therefore, when combining these two types of troops, it will be very useful in eliminating the enemy’s defenses.

This combination requires the player to pay 1 to 2 Healers, 10 to 30 Giants the rest will be archers. Gamers love this type of army because it has a good fighting power, blood buffalo, but moves a bit slow, but does not affect anything.

4. Barbarian combined with Archer

Barbarians are the first troops you get when playing COC, in the first few months Barbarians are the backbone of your army because this stage is mainly about accumulating resources and collecting badges to develop your territory.

When starting the attack, deploy about 30% of the troops Barbarian, until you see the enemy’s defenses start to show, continue to deploy 30% of the troops Archer for direct attack. This combination is suitable for fast winning times and suitable for anyone, even those with 2600 or more trophies can still choose this way.

For agricultural hunters, there are 4 ways to combine the following troops:

1. Goblin combined with Wall Breaker

Wall Breaker destroys enemy walls to let Goblins penetrate deep into the base and attack enemy resource buildings. Goblins have the advantage that damage is doubled on these types of buildings, but the health is very low.

When using this combination, there will be 15 to 20 minions Wall Breaker and the rest are Goblins, you only need to deal about 40% to 52% damage to get 6-10 trophies without being negative.

2. Archer combines Goblin and Wall Breaker

New players using this combination will be effective, because the goal of this combination is to focus on resource buildings with bases that have a mid-range defense that is not too dense. Use 120 Archer, 15 Wall Breakers, the rest will be Goblins.

How to combine troops in Clash of Clans

3. Barbarian and Archer

This unit combination is similar to the trophy hunter, but still very effective for gamers who want to get a large amount of resources from the enemy’s village, this method is really very economical, the troop rotation is very fast. It is also very popular with gamers when they want to hunt agricultural products.

SUse the Barbarian to lead then use Archer to knock down enemy defenses and resources to collect a large amount of resources.

4. Archer combined with Giant, Goblin and Wall Breaker

First use Giant and Archer cover to destroy enemy defenses. Only then will it be implemented Wall Breaker follows, spread these pieces to different positions. When you see less defenses and obstacles, immediately drop all Goblins towards the enemy base.

This combination of troops is very suitable for mid-range gamers and above, this can be said to be a fairly common combination to get a lot of resources from the opponent.

With the ways to combine troops in the above article, we hope that our gamers will choose for themselves the most suitable way to combine troops to build their village stronger and stronger.

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Please refer to the video of army coordination tactics in Clash of Clans:

Have fun playing the game!

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