How to combine photos with Photoshop on a computer, combine 2 photos into 1 frame

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Photoshop is a professional photo editing and collage software that is used by many people today. However, if you are new to Photoshop to stitch photos on your computer but don’t know how, the following article will help you know how to combine photos with Photoshop on your computer simply and effectively.

How to do this helps you:
– Get photoshop download link
– Manually combine photos on Photoshop

Photoshop is software with which you can change old photos into new ones, remove facial blemishes, change hair color, remove red eyes in a flash photo, or use like making photo collages… One of the current trends is how to change Change hair color in Photoshop always loved and performed by young people.

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How to combine photos with Photoshop on a computer simply and quickly

As you all know, compositing photos with Photoshop is not only encapsulated in a single method, depending on different circumstances for you to implement different methods. In this article, will guide you through the simplest photoshop collage that anyone can do.

How to combine photos with Adobe Photoshop uses Adobe software Photoshop CS6 to make the article. If you are using a different version of Adobe Photoshop, the procedure is similar.

Step 1: You need to prepare an image to combine the cloudy sky and a cloudy sky image, which can be downloaded from the internet.
Step 2: Open Photoshop software, select FileOpen and navigate to the folder where the 2 image files you have prepared are saved. Tag both pictures and choose next Open to open in Photoshop.

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Step 3: At your original photo, use a tool like Quick Selection Tools/Magic Wand Tools to select the area of ​​the sky to be paired with clouds, or you can also click on SelectColor Range then option in Fuzziness to select the area to be paired with clouds. Here uses Quick Selection Tools

Meet me in photoshop

Step 4: After you have selected the area of ​​the sky that needs to be merged with clouds, go back to the prepared cloud image (number 1), hold the left mouse button and drag the image to your original image (number 2).

Note: The size of the two images should be equivalent to avoid the case that the cloud image you prepared is too small compared to the original image, which will be difficult to align.

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After dragging the image, you will get the following:


Step 5: You click on the Mask to delete the unselected areas. At this point your photo is almost complete.

Join me in Photoshop

Step 6: You click on the icon on the Layer to unlink between the Mask and the image file.

join me in photoshop cc

Step 7: Then you choose to stock the sky image and customize the Opacity (blur the image) as well as the Fill or you can zoom in and out as you like to make your photo look more Japanese.

how to match him in photoshop

Note: In case you select the sky area, if you feel the selection has a lot of redundant, jagged points, you can use the Blur Tool to paint around the connection between the sky and the ground to make the image look natural. than.

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So with just a few simple steps, your photos have become much more beautiful and vivid. Hope this article will help you in editing beautiful photos. If you use Photoshop CC 2020, please refer to How to combine photos in Photoshop CC 2020 here.

In this article, shows you how to combine photos by selecting and deleting the image corners of a Layer, in case there are many layers you do the same thing. In addition to the Photoshop image compositing trick, if you want to study more deeply, you can refer to how to blur photos in Photoshop to blur objects in your photo. blur photos in photoshop help highlight the object you want to show more clearly.

In-depth in Photoshop, users will know the background separation feature in Photoshop to get the desired objects and then combine them into other more beautiful and unique image backgrounds. Currently, there are many tools to support image background separation, but how? remove background in photoshop It is used the most because of its relative ease of implementation.

If you feel that doing this job in Photoshop is too difficult, you can search and download other, simpler photo collage software available on

If you want to put calligraphy on your photo, see how write calligraphy in photoshop to make what you want.

Refer Paint keyboard shortcut If you use the built-in tools in windows to edit images, Paint is considered a pretty good image editing program with many tools such as writing, cropping, resizing images …..

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