How to combine and use Minecraft Dungeons game enchantment

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The more time you spend playing Minecraft Dungeons, the more you’ll realize that there’s a ton of equipment to choose from. Instead of leveling up characters, you earn points to upgrade weapons and armor with enchantments. So how does the enchantment system in the game work? We will learn about how to combine and use Minecraft Dungeons game enchantment in the following article.

Minecraft Dungeons, a spin-off of the recently released global blockbuster Minecraft differs from its predecessor in many different ways. There is no diamond mining deep in the cave, nor is there an option to build impressive structures out of rock, sand, or the Netherrack. Instead, your goal is to explore countless dungeons filled with monsters, slaying all sorts of enemies as you make your way towards the cowardly Arch-Illager’s castle.

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Instructions for combining enchantments and how to use them in Minecraft Dungeons

Success is easier to achieve by enchanting your weapons and armor. Minecraft Dungeons has its own enchantment system, but it works a little differently than Minecraft. While it’s easy to grasp once you get the hang of it, it can take some time to figure out how the enchantment system actually works. Therefore, will share with you how to combine and use Minecraft Dungeons game enchantment in the article below.

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1. How does Minecraft Dungeons enchantment system work?

To enchant an item in Minecraft Dungeons, you will need to earn enchantment points. You get 1 point each time you level up. You can then use that point to enchant weapons or armor.

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The process of enchanting the item is simple, you will need to click on the item and look at the 3 locations located in the lower right corner of the screen. Most of the time only 1 slot will have enchantment options, but sometimes it can be 2 and the option to put 3 enchantments on 1 item is a very rare case.

The important thing is that while a sword may have a higher damage rating than other swords, the weaker sword becomes more valuable the more enchanted it has. That’s why the stat that combines all the gear you currently equip into one kind of overall strength estimate is largely unimportant. A sword with 3 enchantments may have low base stats but can deal 3x more damage than a stronger sword of the same denomination.

2. How does enchantment work?

As mentioned above, you get 1 enchantment point each time you level up in Minecraft Dungeons. Leveling up is pretty easy so you’ll be able to get loads of enchantment points quickly.

There is one extremely important thing to note about enchantment points that Minecraft Dungeons doesn’t explicitly tell you about. For example, if you enchant a sword and invest 3 enchanting points in it then it seems like you are taking a risk. What if you found a better sword right after, but you spent all your enchantment points?

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The good news is that you can regain enchantment from an enchanted item simply by turning it into an emerald – a currency in Minecraft Dungeons and of course these weapons will disappear, but if you’re upgrading to more powerful weapons then you probably don’t need the ones you don’t use.

Enchanting weak items will make them stronger, making it easier for you to dive into the game and find stronger weapons and more formidable armor. You can then reclaim enchantment points from weak weapons and use these points to enchant new weapons. Don’t hoard enchantments because they’re technically currency that you can always get back.

3. How to choose enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons

Along with having up to 3 enchantable slots, every weapon and armor in Minecraft Dungeons has its own unique enchantment potential. This doesn’t mean all swords have the same number of enchantments, it means you can pick up a sword that can deal lightning damage or be sharpened, while the next sword you find has Compatible with fire attacks.

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This further highlights the fact that the power stat doesn’t matter much. A sword can have 20 power values, but only 1 enchantment slot with a rather poor number of enchantment choices, where each enchantment slot is randomly assigned 2 or 3 specific enchantment options . Meanwhile, a sword with 12 power values ​​can have 2 enchantment locations, each with a great ability like lightning damage or the ability to release a poison cloud.

In Minecraft Dungeons, it’s better to value enchantments than base damage and strength stats, as the more powerful enchantments you have, the stronger your gear will be. And remember, you can always regain your enchantment by turning an enchanted weapon into emerald, so don’t be afraid to take the risk by experimenting.

4. Learn about enchantment levels in Minecraft Dungeons

Along with having a variety of enchantments, each weapon and armor type also has a system for leveling up its magical potentials.

Therefore, for example, if you enchant Reinforced Mail to increase movement speed, 1 enchantment will give you Swiftness Rank 1. However, if you invest 2 more points in armor, you will have Rank 2, help increase the enchantment buff for the item. On top of that, you can maximize an enchantment by investing 3 more enchantments in the enchantment slot. Basically, you need 6 enchantment points to max out 1 enchantment, which means you need 18 points to fully enchant 1 item with 3 enchantment slots – which is quite difficult to accomplish.

If you want to fully enchant a melee weapon, a box, or a set of armor, you will need 54 enchantment points. The good thing is that if you end up finding better loot as you go deeper into the game, you can turn these items into emeralds and get 18 enchantment points back from each item, which means you always There can be at least one fully enchanted item from each category, with 3 level 3 enchanted slots. All of this is completely different in Adventure Difficulty though, where items with stronger enchantments are available, so more enchantment points are needed to unlock (you need 8 enchantment points to maximize). one enchantment, which means 24 points will be used to fully enchant all 3 enchanted locations).

Remember that enchantments are an important part of Minecraft Dungeons, ignoring them will make the gameplay more difficult. Therefore, you need to collect many items, choose your favorite ones, check their enchantment materials and equip yourself with fire, lightning, poison or whatever you think is most suitable. to defeat the monster. With how to increase strength and combat power in Minecraft Dungeons will help you conquer the monsters easier.

5. How to use and combine Minecraft Dungeons game enchantments

One of the most powerful ways to use enchantments in Minecraft Dungeons is to chain several enchantments that go well together. Because you have 3 enchantable items including melee weapons, bows and armor, and can put one or more enchantments on each of those items, you can create possible combinations. tremendous damage output.

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For example, you can apply enchantments to pull enemies towards you, or enchant armor to burn everything within a certain radius, or launch lightning when surrounded to stun enemies and create enough distance for you to launch the arrow towards the target. It takes a while to get used to and you may have to browse through a bunch of items before you find the one you want to enchant, but when you find the right one, you’ll be able to take on a much tougher challenge. easy way. As the dungeon crawling becomes more difficult later on, incorporating enchantments becomes an essential part of success.

If you are new to Minecraft Dungeons, then tips and Tips for playing Minecraft Dungeons will help you a lot in your journey to discover a new world.
The article on introduced you to the most effective way to combine and use enchantments in Minecraft. In addition, in Minecraft Dungeons, there is a secret map that few people know about, soggy caves. You can refer to more articles about How to unlock soggy caves to discover more new places.

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