How to charge your Nintendo Switch safely & 3 things you should know

Charging the Nintendo Switch so that it is safe for the device and for the user is always a question of many gamers. Nintendo handheld hybrid gaming consoles are typically for output to TV, forcing you to power the output dock and once powering up for video output means the machine has to be charged. This creates safety concerns for the longevity of the product as well as the battery in the device. So what should we pay attention to? Let’s join nShop to see how Nintendo answers it!

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1 / Charge the Nintendo Switch continuously in the Dock, is it okay? Am I just playing Switch on TV Mode?

According to information from Nintendo Customer Support:

Users can charge Nintendo Switch by plugging the device into the dock (or plugging the charger directly into the charging port of the machine) with the original AC Adapter. When the battery is full, charging stops and counts as only 1 charge cycle. With the original charger under the device, users can also ‘soak’ the electricity overnight, without worrying about the battery and the device.

This means that the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite are designed to be able to run on power continuously without affecting the product’s lifespan. When the battery is full, the charging mode will stop automatically and the machine uses the power directly from the AC Adapter.

charger nintendo switch via suot dock

However, you should note why nShop translates further ‘Genuine’ AC Adapter assembly – because one of the reasons Nintendo warranty is to use original accessories provided. Excluding third-party equipment and accessories. Therefore, you need to be 100% sure that you do not have to lead to any other unfortunate situation related to electrical safety.

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2 / Is it okay to use a USB C cable with a cheap charger (charger) sold in the market for the Switch?

One of the mistakes of users when using the cheap charger sold in the market to charge the Nintendo Switch. Switches are like other battery-powered devices like smartphones and tablets. Each device has its own charger and should not be replaced with another brand.

If you do not use the correct charger, the energy transferred to the battery may be too much or too little. This can lead to battery overheating. Light will quickly damage the battery, heavy will lead to fire and explosion. Why so serious? Simply when the universal charging cup is not qualified for the current 5v-1A, If your Switch has less than 50% battery capacity, it will suck very large current. The charging cup does not respond, causing heat, cable fire and the whole device, in these cases we have encountered quite a lot with phones.

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The best charger for your Switch is the original charger you get when you buy it. If you accidentally damage, lose, or you need to buy an extra charger, make sure that this product is designed for the Switch with the following parameters:

Nintendo Switch genuine power line charger

Nintendo Switch has a 4310mAh battery, if you compare it with the iPhone11 Pro Max with 3969 mAh, it is a device that does not have a quite large battery, so the electrical safety standards should be carefully noted.

3 / Can I charge my Nintendo Switch while playing games?

The phone runs out of battery, but still want to charge your Nintendo Switch while playing games? Rest assured that even 3DS is confirmed by Nintendo to be able to charge and play comfortably. Charging the Nintendo Switch while playing games just make sure you are using the original power supply or at least the charger is strong enough to supply power to the machine because playing games while charging requires your charger to load. The amount is very heavy – improper charging cups lead to battery drain while charging your Nintendo Switch while playing.

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