How to change the resolution of Bluestacks on pc, laptop

Changing the resolution of BlueStacks on Windows will help users get more appropriate options during use. For example, if your computer is old, you can choose a low resolution, while if your computer has a high configuration, you can set the resolution to the best level.

Many users today choose to play games on their personal computers instead of phones as usual. That’s because playing on the computer makes it easier to observe the movements. However, sometimes your computer does not match the current resolution of Bluestacks. So how to change the resolution of Bluestacks on Windows? Please refer to the content below for more details.

Instructions to change the resolution of Bluestacks on Windows

*Load Bluestacks latest version

Refer How to install Bluestacks if you don’t know how to install

Step 1: First, you open the Registry by opening the Run dialog box and typing “regedit.exe”

change due to phase bluestacks

Step 2: Next you find the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Bluestacks > Guest > Android > Framebufer and double click change the value to 0.

due to the bluestacks phase

Step 3: After successfully replacing the value, move your eyes to the right column. There are 2 keys you need to note here, which are WindowsHeight and WindowWidth. This is the screen resolution. Now double click to change the value. For example, change the resolution to 1024×600 for example.

  change screen size bluestacks

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Finally, restart your computer to enjoy the new resolution on Windows.
So has just introduced to you how to change the resolution of Bluestacks on Windows. After changing the resolution, you can play games with less lag, and save more resources during computer use. In addition, we also guide fix “25000” error when installing BlueStacks. If interested, please drop by for reference.

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