How to change SCTV WiFi password

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You are using WiFi SCTV and want to change the password of Wifi SCTV to prevent some strangers from using your home network when revealing the password to others, helping to improve network transmission efficiency.

This article helps you:
– Get password, account login to modem
– Change SCTV wifi pass quickly

Normally, if you want to broadcast WiFi, you need to have a supporting modem. But now, just have a wired network and use Connectifyme, you can turn your laptop into a WiFi hotspot. Connectify hotspot software is capable of WiFi coverage in close range. You can use this software to use the WiFi network on your phone.

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Instructions to change SCTV wifi password quickly and effectively

Another interesting trick is to see the connected WiFi password on the computer. To view the connected wifi password on your computer, you can use that password to access other devices. The downside of this trick is that it increases the risk of your WiFi password being exposed when others use your computer. Therefore, when you feel the risk of revealing your WiFi password, change your WiFi password immediately.

Change SCTV WiFi password, change SCTV model WiFi password

Step 1: To change you WiFi SCTV, you first check the router’s ip address. You click Starttype cmd and Enter.

wifi password sctv

Step 2: Import ipconfig into the CMD frame.

how to get wifi password sctv

Step 3: Enter account and password:



Then press Login.

wifi password sctv

Step 4: Choose Wireless —>Wireless Settings. Notice the part Wireless Network Name You will see the WiFi username.

sctv wifi password

Step 5: Forward down Wireless Securityyou will see the Wireless Password. This is the WiFi password.

You fix the new WiFi password and press Save for the Router to reset and update the new password.

doi pass wifi router sctv

The last article of must have satisfied those who use WiFi SCTV, right. You can change wifi password, WiFi username quickly with this trick.
When you don’t need to use WiFi, you can also use the way to turn WiFi on and off on your laptop to switch to Offline mode. Or when you need to use a wired network, you also need to turn off and turn on WiFi on your laptop to switch to wired network connection mode.

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