Demanding more than 2 million in fees, the “trick game” is stabbing itself to death

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Fallout 76 It can be considered as one of the worst games in history when it has been constantly involved in notorious scandals since its release until now. Game errors, Server problems, revealing customer information, replacing genuine bags with garbage bags for special editions, … are just a few incidents that the game company Bethesda committed during the release of Fallout 76.

However, after a while the scandals began to subside and the game itself became more stable, gamers were able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But as soon as that ray of hope was lit, Bethesda poured another cold water on the player’s head. And to enjoy that water, you will have to describe 2.3 million VND/year, which is about 300 thousand VND a month.


The first problem of this model is that it is causing huge barriers among the gaming community, separating instead of uniting players. There, on one side were those who paid for Fallout 1st and the other side were those who decided not to give Bethesda an extra penny because they thought this was the act of turning Fallout 76 into a true “Pay to Win” product.

The most convincing evidence of this allegation is the boundless box. With Fallout 76 requiring a large amount of items to craft, gamers have long asked Bethesda to add a chest to easily store resources separately. But no, Bethesda kept silent at the request of gamers… of course, until she offered an unlimited inventory and asked gamers to pay more than 300 thousand a month to let them use it. long-requested feature.


The “Pay To Win” image also begins to appear as soon as players can have their own Server. There they are in their own world, they can plow hoes to get high level items without being disturbed by anyone, crafting freely without worrying about running out of resources. And as soon as they have high-end items, they will take them to “gank” other gamers on the shared server. No system, no limitation in the game at the moment can prevent this. But even so, the features that benefit the spenders don’t work properly for the cam.

There the infinite box in the fee of 2.3 million a year that the player has to pay can “swallow” the entire item without an explanation. Not only that, the dedicated server part also has a big problem when anyone on your Friend List can jump into that Server without inviting, causing bad situations for the owner. .


All of that creates a mess that Fallout 76 gamers are facing right now. People who pay for Fallout 1st don’t get what they bought… and the average person is left behind if they don’t turn their pockets upside down. Even the two sides also engaged in unnecessary collisions in the game, when the group did not pay continuously “council” of gamers who paid if they were invisible to them carrying some special item from Fallout 1st. .

With everything going on in Fallout 76, one wonders if Bethesda is trying to make a real game for players?… Or simply wants to milk a sick cow first. when it died?

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