How to capture the Three-Headed Dog Cerberus in Final Fantasy XIV

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Cerberus 3-headed dog in Final Fantasy XIV is a new mount that you can earn by completing the new challenge added in update 5.45. And in this article, will show you exactly how to capture the Cerberus Three-Headed Dog in Final Fantasy XIV.

Cerberus is a giant and vicious 3-headed dog that does a great job of protecting your belongings and carrying you around in the city Final Fantasy XIV. As part of the Final Fantasy XIV 5.45 update, you can now get a large Cerberus mount to roam around. However, since Cerberus is a unique mount, it cannot be obtained by trading with other players.

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Instructions for capturing Cerberus in Final Fantasy XIV

To own a Cerberus 3-headed dog, you have to go through many difficulties and this article will show you how to win a Cerberus mount in Final Fantasy XIV.

How to capture the Three-Headed Dog Cerberus in Final Fantasy XIV

You’ll have to complete the latest raid in the game that update 5.45 brings, Delubrum Reginae, and do it on Savage difficulty. Obviously, this is extremely challenging. You must first unlock it. Then there are enough resources to join the raid. To be more precise, it requires a full 48-player alliance, Resistance ranks of 15 and 700,000 Mettle. The Delubrum Reginae raid is a level 80 quest, so you and your teammates must have maximum coordination. With perseverance, patience and good coordination, you will eventually win.

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If you can complete the Delubrum Reginae raid on Savage difficulty, you’ll get the “Savage Queen of Swords I” achievement. However, what we need here is a giant 3-headed dog.

To get Cerberus mount, the next thing you need to do is find Jonathas in Old Gridania (map coordinates X: 10, Y: 6). After a brief chat about your recent raid, he will reward you with the Cerberus Horn item. Whistle and Cerberus will appear, ready for you to ride.

As such, you can completely get the 3-headed Cerberus dog in Final Fantasy XIV, although it takes a lot of time and effort. The interesting thing you need to know is that Cerberus is a 4 seater mount.

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